Chun Li's options against Viper's flame kick?

I’ve always wondered what the best reaction is against Viper’s Flame kick when she does it cleanly and I block. Is it safe on block for Viper, or does Chun have some punishment against it?

I think the best thing you can do to react to it is cr. mk which goes under it and then retaliate. I think cr. mp is fast enough to go under it and counter it.
There’s also focus attack, focus dash and a well timed EX SBK. Be careful of overusing just cr. mk though, Viper can just as easily come in with J. HK to beat cr. mk. The other options are there to deter her from doing that.

Ah yeah, but I was more wondering if there is anything you an do to punish it after I block it?

Nothing for certain. If you can predict what she’ll do next, you can stick out the right poke to beat what she might do, though.

Hmmm, I see… Is there any attack that Chun can do after blocking her flame kick that will force Viper to block, and comes out faster than her Flame Kick so she can’t do another one right after?

Her burn kick is really slow… the trouble is it goes over low attacks. Cl. Hk will do the most damage if she’s just spamming burn kicks, since you should get a counter-hit.

If she hits you from the front with a burn kick during a mix-up, then I THINK that means she is using LK burn kick. So she would be -2 after that… That’s the worse you can probably expect she’ll be, so you can’t force her to block but you can guess something. You can’t crouch under this with cr. mk.

If she’s using burn kicks in the air, she will probably have frame advantage (she might not if she hits you from really high up… I have to check that). So if she is doing cross-up burn kicks on you that are hitting really close to the ground, she has frame advantage and you just have to block if she wants to blockstring you unless you know she’s just gonna use another burn kick. In that case, Cl. HK.

Blocking burn kicks is definitely not in Chun’s favor. Playing with fire in this situation lol

Thanks. Cr.HK seems to work ok, but if she gets too close it gets hard to punish the next flame kick with it. I tried against both LK and MK Flame kicks, and seems to be a little trickier to punish the next Flame kick if its a MK version? Timing and angle seems important aginst both versions. But I did find that standing MK punishes both LK Flame Kick and MK Flame kick both very close, and from a few steps away. And it seems to work pretty much always.
That seems like my safest option, but I’ll keep practicing the timing on the cr HK punish.

Oh and d/f, lk seems to work almost as good for punishing a Flame Kick following a blocked Flame Kick. Less damage, (88 dmg for standing MK, 38 dmg for standing close MK, and 50 dmg for d/f, lk.) but it juggles, so it seems good if you have your Ultra bar charged.

I don’t remember where I saw this, but someone used to counter Burn Kick and was connecting with it a lot.

^ Shinji (VI) vs. Nashfan (CH) @ RevLA (No video uploaded yet)

I’m not totally sure how it was set up in each instance though.


I don’t think it was safe - it was only a counter for Flame Kick, I’m pretty sure if Shinji had done nothing or had done Thunder Knuckle he could’ve blown that shit up.

…Unless it was some kind of sick option select.

It’s just a hard counter to BK, not an OS. I forgot about mentioning it as an option, but I still use it. It’s usually best vs. a crossup BK setup that I can eyeball because Chun can still lose to the BK if Viper does it too high for chun’s cl. HK to reach and comes down on her afterward, but cl. HK is a very good show-stopper in that matchup. It even trades more often than straight up losing out to BK if it doesn’t beat it clean.

Should be like… st.jab option select throw tech option select cl.HK buffer into hazanshu or some crazy godlike shit like that.

I wish.