Chun Li's strats thread!



If you want to win use the legendary: 1,2,3,Dash,Doom:)


Does her exp. assist hit high? If so, couldnt you dash in for a guaranteed hit? You cant block high & low at the same time


i don’t think it hits high, i don’t think there’s any high hitting assists…

Although yesterday some dude was using Ryu. Dashed in, expected a high attack, f+hp’d my ass. I was not expecting the overhead. I shoulda thrown his ass into Dickslap combo.

Dickslap combo = mag slide infinite xN reps, tag in tron after juggle, dash in + sent ground xx LR.

Too good, too powerful.


Yes, it is a high hitting assit and I think it is the only high hitting assist in the game.

Btw her stomp has amazing priority!


why is it so hard to get Chun to do her to lightnin kick in the err? Dem shitz rack up the damage


chun li expansion does hit high. so does jugs expansion.


anyway…abuse her headstomp to confuse and crossup your opponent.

ex: launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, head stomp, (while landing) dj.back, a/d forward (crossup) + psy AAA, land, dash in,…

like morrigans D+fk, the head stomp puts your in normal jump mode and allows assist…and unlike morrigan, chun li has a triple jump, wall jump, and air dash to mess with opponenets head.

her flip kick (c/ is also an over head attack and is nice to use. especialling the corner you can mix up your chun li game with headsomps and flip kicks. example:, [make opponent block low], call in tron proj, flip kick [needs to be blocked high], dj.back, tj.forward, head stomp, call in doom AAA to chip opponent land…

if they’re still blocking low after the flip kick, the kick, then assist will hit and thats not good. you can also add in her wall jump after the tj to try and confuse more…

…and yeah. these are scrub strats.


Yeah. If you also want to get some damage in, do some random low punches and kicks so that you can get closer to your opponent. Then, throw em down. Chun’s throw catches people off guard often, so use it as much as you need to.

Also, as earlier mentioned, her aerial mind games are deadly if usen properly. For flying sentinels, her dashing stomp/throw ends their air reign.

Just keep in mind that she does not take damage too well, so if you do use her, do so with caution. For me, I always put her last or second to last because I need both her AAA assist and her overall confusion games.