Chun players Octagonal or Square gate?

Hey fellas, I’m just ordering a sanwa stick and I’m just wondering if chun players use an octagonal gate or square? I’ve been using a square up until now but sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to do her back and down charges with the extra corners?

Also seems like maybe Hasan shu would be easier to pull off with the octagon?

I think it really doesn’t matter, its about what you use and what you get used to.

However, consider: Most of us play on a square gate, so if you get used to an octo gate, and have to borrow a stick…you will probably have trouble adjusting. Except for the loyal HAPP guys, it definitely seems like most people are on either Sanwa or Seimitsu sticks w square gates.

I know I said that neither is superior, but here is some data to consider. It shows the actual amount of travel as you rotate the stick through each “zone”.

Circle gate:

Octo gate:

Square gate (note that the square gate is fully balanced):

Juan: I sent you an invite the other day, but you didn’t respond. Lemme know if you wanna train.


I found some local players and I am hopefully going to level up my game a bit. They are really helping me out (they are way better than me, probably good comp for you) and helping me understand what I’m doing right and wrong.

After the indy tourney this weekend, lets try to get some matches in, I’d love to get your feedback again.


Yea I saw that message a few hours after you sent it. Let me know if you’re on tonight.

My Chun has been pretty weak the last few days. I feel like I’ve gotten caught into doing the same predictable shit. Working on her though :).

I’ve only used a square gate but I have wondered if using an octagonal will be better. I’m getting used to the square now, but I believe an octagonal gate will help with doing fireballs and 360s. I often get stuck on the corners on the square when trying to link into fireballs and the ultra when using Ryu.

To bahn and parabellum: I need a cool chun li avatar like that. Who did you guys own?

Benski did mine IIRC. I believe he may still have a thread in the Image Mishmash section where he takes requests.

He is a wizard at photochoping stuff, as you can see…he does some of the coolest animated avatars on srk.


Benski did av’s for most of the regulars in the Chun forums. :lovin:

His thread is still there but he’s taking a break for now.

@Juan: The gate you use is honestly up to personal preference. Some like square, some like octo. It all comes down to what feels best for you.

Well I’ve never used an octo before. I guess sense I don’t main Ryu or something I’ll stick with the square gate.

Thanks for the tips guys.

It’s really something you have to fiddle around with.

Personally, I’ve only recently made a switch to an Octogonal gate and only am now experimenting with it. Here’s what I’ve discovered/found out so far (according to my playstyle and execution screw ups):

  1. With an Octogonal Gate, I do less EX Hazanshu screw ups when meaning to do a Dash Ultra. This is a problem I’ve always had with a square gate, so with a guide on the gate as to where is the left and right zones are, I don’t accidentally go under the threshold and accidentally get a Hazanshu.
  2. I don’t get accidental’s anymore when I attempt to stomp. However, I am not able to dive kick for the life of me when playing Rufus, so it’ll be harder to hit a diagonal than a Square (which is pretty obvious).
  3. Because the fact that I have an Octogate now, I just plain Hazanshu more because of the fact that I can ride the gate. This really puts me in severely punishable situations.

Overall, it’s based on what you prefer. I don’t really know which I like better as of right now, but my guess is that I may transition back to a Square Gate soon.

Thanks. I did see that thread Benski has. He is taking a break. I put my request so I just have to wait for him to get back.

I recently changed to an octo gate primarily to get over my non ability to find down on a square gate to that was frustrating!!. Compared to the square gate I find it just as good if not better.helps too with shoto characters. I’m on a fightstick so upgrading to Sanwa parts with the gate was essential anyway.

I prefer an octo gate. Simply because I am hopeless at finding the left and right zones with any reliability - and keep on jumping when I just mean to walk left and right. I don’t find any problems with things like Rufus’ dive kick either. Basically, there’s nothing that I find easier on a square gate - everything is either the same or easier with an octo gate.

Interestingly, having used an octo gate exclusively for a few months, I went back to a square gate in my local arcade, and found it much easier to do stuff like half-circle motions, which used to be hell for me - so maybe an octo gate kinda works like ‘training wheels’. I fnd myself getting stuck in the corners less often, and doing much smoother motions, simpy because they’re what I’m used to.

So while I still prefer an octo gate, I’m thinking of putting my square gate back in just so I can get used to arcade playing conditions at home. And it’s not really much of a hindrance either way, now I’m more used to it.