Chun Tricks: The Thread



Jumping straight up off a wall: (after wall jump) down mk, down forward (someone confirm this, please. boss chun does it a lot.) You can avoid a lot of your opponent’s offense and build meter with jump hp’s and hk’s with this.

Kara throws: ST mk (at edge of opponent’s shadow) St hk (inside of op’s shadow).

St far hk can go into super on crouching op’s and dodges low moves. Must sjc to go into super.

Kara uoh- cmk/uoh and chk/uoh. Allows for easier uoh super. Buffer in f/d for a parry and a crouch. It will look like you are going for an os kara throw or a low poke so your op will probably block low, opening themselves up for the uoh.

Crouch lp goes into super and has a ton of priority. It’s not cmk but it’s useful. You’ll see MOV doing it a lot.

SGGK’s ( parry andpoke/throw os, goes into super) : Down/f or forward hk kara throw.
Down/f or f mk kara throw.
Options for 1: Hi/low parry into sweep
Hk kara throw
Close hk (can be sjc’d to super)

                                                                                    Options for 2: Hi/low parry to cmk or mk kara.

Legs partition and buffering: You can mash legs during just about anything. During pokes you can do it so that all you have to do is press 1 kick after the initial mashing to reverse a parry attempt.

** There is no guaranteeing however that the opponent won’t bust an RX on you and just keep on parrying. In this situation you can either stop, keep mashing until they give up (most common and probably “safest” method), or you can use your crazy execution to go into super… If you have that kind of execution to super off of things tatsus and mash moves.

You can also buffer in legs during dashes, splitting the mashing between dashes and pokes.


The Eventhubs guide says that B HPxx hp kikoken is one of the most usable chun combos without meter and it does the most damage. Not quite true. There’s other, more interesting stuff.

Back hp, spinning bird (d, b hp, up k). An MOV combo.

Jump hp, hp to sweep- best done at range or as an anti air reset.

Chun can do down mk to j hk on some characters as an anti air.

Back hp, legs- this one is ok.

SA2 can SJC into itself. This is probably common knowledge now that 3s oe is out. Would be a cool, Flashy k.o. Damage is not much.

There’s an option select between throw and superjump that prevents Chun from getting thrown. Someone please remind me what the inputs are. It’s an MOV OS.

Anti air shenanigans and setups:

Did I mention this chick even has mixups in the air?

Parry, st. lp reset, cross under, cmk super
Parry, st cl. hk, dash under, close hk (resets to standing), poke xx super
Anti air hp x 2> ground mixup between high/low/kara.
parry, st lp reset, fake cross under, ex legs or sggk. if sggk yields poke, super dat azz.
J d. mk, hpx2
J.d. mk, Down hk (the “dat azz” combo).
Blatant air throw
Air parry> air throw.
Parry, cl rh. sjc d. mkx2 j hpx2. The hp’s won’t hit most people- unless you do them late so they hit when the op lands- and you can simply build meter with it.
Anti air down mk, air lk (resets). You can go to dash/walk/hi/low/oh/throw stuff with this.

Other jumping Mixups: You can mix in a hk (and/or jump hp, which knocks down) into neutral jumps and time it so that the opponent has to guess when it will hit. If done late enough you can make it so that it comes out but gets canceled right before you hit the ground, which you can throw after. This can also condition the opponent to just sit and guess when you neutral jump allowing a ton of shenanigans. Don’t do this vs smart shotos.

Uses for sa3:
It’s her crappiest SA. Yep. It would be better if it had a vaccuum effect. Yep. It has that capcom forgot to finish off this character smell about it. Yep.
However I think it has some potential in the yun/yang matchup as an anti air, especially with her reset/parry techniques. If used right it could deter divekicking and force a grounded game- though with yang that isn’t as much of an issue. SA 2 is still the better sa. If this thing had a vaccuum effect I’d def use it more.

SA3 Idea:
Kara sa3. She can kara everything else. Why not. Chk, cmk, close stand hk to kara. Let’s get to testing with this. Might be useful for sa1 as well.


Vertical wall jump is just canceling headstomp into walljump very early, you wont see it, but youll hear her grunt. Also st. Far hk> sa2 is a link not a sjc…didnt read the rest


Sometimes I can do dash, back HP, SBK. It’s usually accidental but I’m curious how holding the charge works through the dash. I can’t replicate it in training mode.


Sa1 is a better aa than sa3…


It’s called charge partitioning. Search around for that term on srk. Probably should check out the urien section.


^^^gee thanks.




^^^okay, I’m not stupid, I know it’s charge partitioning. I was more curious about the exact commands to make it happen.


Hes just trying to help…its prolly done in the same way uriens do dashes then headbutts


If you know what it is, then think about how it would work.

It’s b.HP->Spinning Bird Kick.

It’s the same way you would think Urien’s dash-up headbutt or jump in headbutt would work.

Hold down for about 1/3 or 1/2 the charge time, do b.HP to break that charge and then immediately go back to charging down after inputting b.HP, cancel into up+Kick.


You don’t have to do all that and that wasn’t what I was asking.

You can do b.HP, SBK without partitioning it. (Hold down/back down, move to back and input HP, then press up+Kick, no need to break up the charge) I was asking how you can do dash, back HP, SBK. I’ve tried doing charge down, forward, forward, down, back HP, up Kick, and it doesn’t work. (neither does back HP, down, up Kick)


Then how about playing a little mix and match and treat b.HP->SBK as a partition?


lol damn apple arcade, calm down. i was just trying to help.

its the exact same way you do dash st mp headbutt with urien.

charge down…dash…hold down during the dash…press back hp…then press up kick.

if youre not getting it, its because of 2 reasons.

  1. youre charging too much.
  2. your execution is sloppy.


I…I didnt know this was possible.


once you exceed the charge time for one special move (people say 2 seconds but its not) then you CANNOT partition it at all.


makes sense to not know if you just play chun.

play urien or remy for a while and youll prob tighten your charge times up. as jwangggg says “charge characters are for people who can count”


This was the problem. I had no idea you could overcharge.


A good read: The Official 3rd Strike Match Vids Thread


Is there some kind of overcharge for lightening legs? Sometimes it doesn’t seem to come out and I’m pretty sure I’ve buffered at least four kicks into a normal.


Lightning Legs follows the same rules for general 3S partitioning, as far as I know.