Chun/Urien matchup not so even as ppl believe?

The two things that stick out in my mind are Urien’s jumpin rh vs the whore, and Aegis, which is even more broken vs Chun. But I was playing this morning, and testing some shit out, and I remembered few weeks ago, I was using c. strong as a trip guard anti-air vs Urien’s long ass max range j. rh, and it works really well. And vs Aegis wakeup games, HCB+2K (EX Flip Kick) works decently. It’s OTG in the first frame IIRC, it has startup invincibility, and most importantly, it puts Chun in a juggle state, which is IMO better than letting Urien have his way from the ground, THEN going into a juggle. Anywho, comments?

who thought chun urien match up was even? chun owns that nigga

I thought it was the other way around. :wonder:

Well, whatever, I play Chun and the matchup feels pretty even to me. I might just be comfy though since I get the most practice out of my brother, and Urien is all he plays.

6-4 for Chun. Urien needs to play really smart and has to work hard to get that momentum going. Headbutt doesn’t always hit whiff throw, she ducks under MP (plus she has no standing wakeup frame), her ground game destroys Urien’s, she has good air-to-air (air chain, air throw) if Urien keeps jumping, her b+HP and c.HK own headbutts and most of his ground and air moves, her wall jump is good for getting out of poorly-timed aegis traps, Urien doesn’t have a good reversal for wakeup EX bird kick, Urien can’t duck regular bird kicks (I think), etc. In Urien’s favour, Chun’s hitbox lets you do some great juggles, and j.HK is good… that’s about it.

I would say Urien does about the same against Chun as the rest of the top 8 (excluding Yun). That’s my 2 cents.

Yeah…Chun’s pokes are too fucking good for Urien. Even Ken already beats most of Urien’s pokes and Chun just makes it that much harder cuz she can duck under the majority of his as well. Urien basically has to do a lot of outsmarting Chun and building bar to win the match. If you can get throws or sweeps in on Chun (anything to knock that bitch down) the match can turn in your favor cuz she doesn’t have much on her wake up. Not that Aegis already takes care of any kind of wake up you may have. If Chun Li is effectively zoning…Urien has to be extremely patient and one screw up can mean free damage.

Urien is one of the harder matches for Chun.

Don’t believe everything you read on SRK, try actually playing the fucking game and coming up with your own conclusions. Urien’s j.rh is fucking good vs chun, just cause it’s so fucking long. a good Urien will can keep chun in the corner out of her own will, and just rape with his much more effective zoning.

Ofcourse, Chun can do things to get out, like wall jump, stomp out, and other ghetto shit, but it’s seriously one of the harder matches.

Watching two top players play Urien vs Chun in tournaments several times makes me say: Chun li isn’t a good match up for Urien. Urien has trouble, not Chun li.

If you says so! stop watching 3s, and play it.

I don’t play either of those characters, but I do talk to the Urien side. Chun gives Urien problems.

If RX can’t stop Nuki, who can?

Tweleve can… because the SFAE/3s book says so! :looney:

Too bad “harder matchups” beyond Yun are at her advantage. I’m not about to go spouting off that Chun rapes Urien for free but it’s a slightly uphill match for Urien.

6.5-3.5 (cause I can’t exactly say 6-4, but I’m sure as hell not saying 7-3), in favor of Chun

Oh yeah Chun has advantage over Urien. Straight up, you’re almost never gonna get a d.fp with Urien on her, her pokes have better priority (as always) and Urien doesn’t have much of a way in. In the end getting her into the corner and Aegis trapping is the only thing Urien can do to turn the match to his favour.

just a small point…

for those of you who says “urien can abuse his long ass jumpin hk on her”…read my line and remember it…

CHUNLI has all the time in the world to standing jab him as AA against the jumping hk. it works 100% of time. I’ve never ever been able to hit her standing jab using urien’s jumping hk.

and chun can look at it from a far distance too. or just press it for the hell of it. option select it. whatever the fuck you want to do.

urien doesn’t have a jumping hk against chun.

let’s just get that clear. stop reading. start playing.

I’m not saying Urien beats Chun. I’m saying its one of Chun’s harder matches, Along with Yun.

Start playing the game. No theory bullshit.

blah blah stop watching 3S, stop discussing 3S… stfu. The only thing any strategy-based thread can be is theory. We already know that playing the game is the best way to understand it, but if you wanna discuss 3S on the internet then theory is the only thing we can work with. Funny how you know what “a good Urien” can do, but have you even played a good Urien or do you know that from watching videos or using theory?

No one is disagreeing that it’s one of Chun’s harder matches, but it’s not even. Period. And all we’re doing is going over why that is.

Blah blah it’s STILL in Chuns favor. What’s the problem here?

chun >>>> urien despite what archer seems to think

Chun owns all. Just find your good Chun game by PLAYING like Archer said and you should be fine. Once you learn all your Chun stuff (from experience and watching some match videos) it should only be the mind games that keep you from winning against any character.