Chun Vs Honda st


A lil help with this one please? Some anti buttslam would be nice.


Wrong game, ST=Super Turbo… this being said I don’t know this matchup very well either… I think Chun Li’s lightening legs beats E. Honda headbutt, and jumping lk beats the headbutt, to counter the buttslam do a prediction jumping move, your best poke in this match is crouching mk, and let that fireball be your best friend from full-screen…

Sadly this is all I know, don’t play Chun because I hate using women in any fighting games…


Appreciation for contributing, but this won’t help him at all becuase ST:
Has no dash
Has no focus attack
Has no ultra
Has different/less juggles
Has different hitbox properties
Has a less lenient combo engine
Is faster

The characters may be the same, but gameplay wise it’s almost a different game. Projectiles and footsies in general are much more effective in ST rather than in IV. [media=youtube]mF_jXqeJkvY&feature=related#t=3m31s[/media]

Yeah, lightening legs has an awesome hitbox. It should stop pretty much any projectile type move (Balrog rush punch, Blanka roll, Honda headbutt etc).


How about you sf4 dickheads read the actual topic title before you try and contribute.