Chun vs Makoto

i dont play against her much and i dont know the match up very well. can anyone give me some pointers?

Learn when Makoto will go for Karakusa and either do crouching jab or jump to get out (pick between them)

Stick out crouching MK and buffer it into the super so you’ll super her if she dashes into your leg

Stick out B+HP and ^^^

If she jumps, try to walk under her and crouching MK xx super

And guess right.

To add some to that, if you get an oppoenent who likes to stand over you with her and charges the Hayate…then go for wakeup EX SBK. She’ll never do that again. Watch for the Hayate cancel, lots of players who are any good with makoto will use it (myself included) we’ll get our opening, hit you with a couple good hayate’s and when your try to parry the third one…bam! Cancelled into a free move.

Makoto does have some weaknesses that chun can exploit. One of them is the dash. Although you will have to expect it, do what mariodood explained. Stick out the crouching mk and buffer it into SA2 and finish it with the extra attacks. They’ll think twice about dashing when you have meter.

One last thing is watch for her HCB Kick throw…if you get hit by it…it means a big combo is coming. The throw normally comes after she dashes. I’ve seen this comboed into hayate’s and even supers. So watch out. Stay out of range and use standing jab to combat it.

thanks alot guys