Chunli Avatar request

Can someone make me a Chunli avatar with her SvC sprite? You can make it anyway you want as long as it has this sprite, my name (Kikosho), and it’s cool looking :p. Thanks in advance.

ill do it:p

here it is…i hope u like it:p

i think he wanted the SvC sprite… not the alpha sprite…

but that av is top tier…

i got more pics of her in svc if u want

Yeah I want the one where she’s doing the >+B spinkick move if you can. If thats to complicated then do whatever.

ok…thanks king:p

here’s the spin kick :slight_smile:

That’ll work. Happy tagging :).

hows this??

Thank you.

wtf cham…that was my customer man…well i remade that shit for nothing…if u want to use this kikosho then use it…and cham…dont do that shit agian…u waist ppl’s time:mad:


Yeah, that was kinda lame :bluu:

Well i did this seeing as how you did not complete the request with the sprite he requested in the begining. Please read the request more carefully.

as for wasting your time, i hardly see how changing the sprite our and slightly tweeking the bg you already had done was a waste of time. cookie cutters are barley worth the time.

stop the maddness…

no dude…i had to remake the whole thing…not just switch the sprite…and those little squares…took me about 30 mins cause i had to do it with airbrush

then you need work more with your tuts… they should never tak more than maybe 5 minutes…

ya…it only took about 5 mins…i lied cause i was mad that u took my customer