Chunli color sketch


Ok last street fighter pick I’m posting in my sketch book. Like clothes you gotta accessorize so the brown sketch pad may be too redundant. I don’t wanna be a post whore.



fuck that shit man! keep posting that shit. or at least make a sketch thread for yourself. and personally i think it’s cool to see the brown paper you use, cool change of pace from all the white.

as for the chunli, very nice man. you’ve got such great drawing skills and your coloring’s top notch too.


yo man, expect the usual comments from me. i just would like you to take your coloring further.


HUGE THUMBS UP!! best chun li evar :smiley:



Your stuff is hot!!! TOO HOT!!! Nuff said…woo…wipes sweat from his brow


That’s impressive work. I like the fluidity and looseness of the drawing. It looks like pastels. Keep posting!


Oh man this is gooooooooood. I’ll have to agree, best Chun li yet.


Yup, another sweet one. What is that? A mock painted picture in Adobe? Whatever it is, it looks cooooool.

Chun-Li has to be the hottest Chinese girl Interpol Agent, news reporter, daughter of a rich police officer everrrrrrrrrrrrrr… if not, show me the woman! AHHHHHHHHH!


I actually thought the coloring on her face was ugly. The way I colored over made her look white/ hispanic maybe? The sketch underneath looked more chinese, but oh well. I didn’t wanna erase cause that would be kinda silly and I would be losing the fast stroke and quickie look.

Anyways thanks for checking out my sketch guys.


Damn, another great artist out there. Nice to know. To be honest, It’s one of the best Chun Li drawings I’ve seen. Perhaps, the best for non pros like us, but equally as good as Capcom stuff. How come I never came across it earlier. You’ve made me a fan of your stuff.


wow, thats very well done indeed…


I love this pic. Its just not pink though. But blue is her original color. She dosn’t look that asian to me. Mabe I’m wrong I dont know. Good pic regardless.