Chunli Moaners

I haven not played in a long long time and i went on to 2D fighter,

and after 2 wins.

“man chunli is no fun to play with”

others ive heard

“Oh high tier is no fun”
“Dont you get bored of playing with chun ?”
“poking isnt fun” (i dont even poke much)

im sure all of you have heard some absurd remarks, share

Must not be a very good Chun’ then.

I love chun. I got into 3s kinda late 2 years ago. When I started I didnt know there was this huge community and char rankings and national tournaments of any kind. Me and my brother started playing and we both started with ken since we were familiar with him from sf2 ww. After about a day I switched to chun since I also liked her in The old sf, and it was getting boring playing ken vs ken constantly. I have stuck with her ever since. I can play a few characters not nearly the whole cast and I play chun 90% of the time. Not cuz she is god tier not cuz the others suck but because she is alot of fun to play for me. And at this point I am beyond comfortable with her in any situation against any char I feel like I know what will work best. So play whoever you want and dont let peoples comments bother you.

How the fuck does the screen go Black when the stage is all sunny?!

My cousin when I beast on him with Akuma.

well in all truth i work my way up through my characters when i play new people. ill play hugo, then mak or ken THEN chun.
chun is also far and away my best so that plays a factor.
but yeah people bitch about chun allot, which i understand for super low tier players but most of the cast is fine.

people severely overestimate chun’s ease of use imo. most people who shit talk her as super easy and then try to counter pick her or play her at all get scraped hard.

as for quotes “low forward and back fierce and you win”
“mash buttons and youll win with chun”
“a monkey could win with chun”
"chun is boring"
other such bullshit.

to me chun is ANYTHING but boring. as if when urien or ken build meter its somehow okay but when chun does it its dirty and boring. plus a rushdown chun is exhilarating to watch and to play imo.

This is actually expected, and I use chun because shes a lot easier then my urien, plus I can go auto-pilot. Low forward and back fierce are godly, so that quote isn’t untrue, but its often spoke by scrubs who wouldn’t know what actually makes it good. Her confirms are so dangerous, the most intelligent action is to guard, which leads to her being able to free kara throw. Most people aren’t gonna want to risk breaking her throws, because it could always be a low forward hit confirm SA2. This simple thing gives her safety nobody else has, even her outside range sRH and forward strong are a bitch.

In fact, vs chun many characters who are middle or upper middle have to completely erase essential game plans. Urien is a key example of this, in terms of mix ups his cRH is no longer safe, cause she can just guard it low and free super, and his sRH isn’t either, she can fish for meter builders and time that super right and get it completely free. I learned this misery when I play Kai and if I’d connect anything beefy on that guard, I’d eat SA2.
FwdFP? Gone, same problem.

So that leaves Urien with a really basic game, and his pokes are only so good, so you’ve gotta be on point with your mix ups more then usual. Its a match you can win, but you gotta be patient. I see a match with chun as a guarantee I’m gonna be thrown a few times, simply for my own good, I’d rather eat a free throw then that super, its like yun’s genei jin, just guard and take the grab damage unless you know otherwise.

When I use chun, or worse, I warm up with her competitively, I can just tag certain actions, fish for confirms, outwait others, react to missed pokes. She simply has it to good vs about everyone, , but maybe thats why shes damn fun. :bgrin:

I play dat rushdown chun, its not easy, but it is rewarding when you are all in someone’s grill with chun and they look at you like wtf…