Chunli Must Know Essentials

hey, what should a chun li player know?


kara throw



thank you

watch vids and figure it out, but if you post a vid and ask specific questions i’d be glad to point shit out for you :slight_smile:

kk… yea just saw a lot of b+fierce kara throwing… and a jumping kick that seems to jump over sweeps and catch peoples faces…

learn the double super setups ; 50% chance one super can lead into another

oh wow is it really 50% ???

i’m a ken user… but thought i’d teach my gf chunli…

forgot what happened yesterday but felt like chun li kicks butt… might be the throws… and i like throws!!! haha… throws are fun… go throws!!.. yay~~~ throws haha… throw throw throw throw throw

It’s actually a little less than 50% because of parries but here’s a [media=youtube]z611yUp2EqM[/media] doing one at 1:27. Mixing up the UOH and low forward forces the opponent to guess which way to block.

There’s wierd ones too that will only work on one character like necro:

thank you. very fun video to watch. chuns a lil hard for me to understand i guess…

why is b+fierce so good?

because its easy as shit to confirm it to super. Anyone can see if it hits or not on simple calm reaction.