Chunner & Chang

Chunner & Chang - Introduction

Alright, this is my first attempt at a fan-fiction, so bear with me.

I started drafting a few ideas today, and I figured the best way to improve on my ideas would be to get some feedback, so critiques and criticisms are welcome.

Chun Li - A very dedicated student, Chun Li has worked extremely hard to earn her Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) along with her Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting at the age of 22. Chun Li’s father, the chief of police in Hong Kong, has arranged for her to interview for a top position with Powers Manufacturing and Supplies Inc. (PMS). The president of PMS, Max Powers, is an old friend of Chun Li’s father, and she is a lock to land the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Chang - A plumber by trade, Chang has put in 12 years of service at PMS, and has just been promoted to Supervisor of Mechanics for the company headquarters building. Although he is serious at work, Chang is a very kind-hearted and laid-back guy, but always has trouble with the ladies. His best friend, Choi, is always trying to set Chang up with a woman, but no promising relationships have come out of these dates. But as long as he has his work, Chang is happy.

I took a little creative license with the characters. I’ll introduce some more characters either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

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Here are a few more characters:

Choi - Chang’s best friend. They have been friends since they were babies; they even lived next door to each other for a few years in grade school. Choi is an electrician in the headquarters building, but he and Chang started out together in the same PMS paper supply warehouse. Choi is a ladies man. but despite his best efforts, Choi cannot get Chang to commit to any of his lady friends.

Sidenote: Both Chang and Choi are 30 years old.

Kim Kaphwan - Another maintenance worker in the PMS HQ, Kim was next in line for the Supervisor position. However, he did not have the seniority that Chang had (Kim only had 6 years on the job), so he was passed over in favor of Chang. This makes Kim furious, and he has been working on a plan ever since to get Chang removed so he can take over the position. Also, Chang hates when Kim flashes the Colgate Smile every time he thinks he’s right. This pisses Chang off to no end.

Max Powers - The president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PMS Inc. Max really inherited the company from his father, and has no clue what the hell he is doing. Luckily, his father surrounded his son with good-minded business people, so PMS hasn’t been run into the ground.

Sakura Kasugano - Chun Li’s best friend. Sakura has designs on being the world’s best female wrestler, but she can’t afford to attend the local wrestling academy. At Chun Li’s request, her father talked to Max and got Sakura a job as a security guard at PMS HQ. Sakura (referred to as Miss K) has 34 collars so far as a guard; all convicted.

Morrigan Aensland - One of Choi’s special lady friends. She came to Hong Kong from Scotland to be a model, but didn’t quite make it. Morrigan took what little money she had and opened up a book store, which is finally showing signs of profit. She is looking to expand her business as soon as she can.

And that should do it for now.

This story takes place in Guinness, Hong Kong. Guinness is an old British part of Hong Kong. Of course, I’m making this place up; I just wanted to use the name of my favorite beer.

To prevent any continuity problems, everyone will also be from Hong Kong, except for Morrigan. She’ll originally be from Scotland.

I’m still trying to finalize a plot, and hopefully this will be done in a few days.

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Chun Li’s Big Day

< Quick note: Since there is no official word on Chun Li’s name, I have decided that Chun will be her surname, and Li will be her given name. Using ‘Chun-Li’ all the time would have sucked. >

We open with Chun Li sitting in the office of Max Powers. The office sits at the top floor of the PMS HQ. Li is wearing a black business suit with a white blouse, while Mr. Powers is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. He is also carrying a putter around with him in the office while he is conducting the interview.

Powers: So, your father told me you were a top-notch student in college.
Li: Yes, sir. I worked very hard to-
Powers: I tried college once. Didn’t care for it much. Who the hell wants to get up early every day and go to class? Know what I mean?
Li: Well, sir, I didn’t mind the-
Powers: Of course you know what I mean! What a waste of time! How was I supposed to score with the chicks, drink myself into oblivion, and go to class? Obviously, one of those wasn’t going to fit my schedule. How many chicks did you score with in college?
Li: Umm, I don’t recall ever-
Powers: What a dumb question that was! A foxy lady like you must have been up to your neck in poon! Especially that Miss K! She is too fine! Holla! (swings putter in air)
Li: How dare you, sir! Sakura is my best friend.
Powers: Oh, well excuse me. But, you could imagine what it would be like if you two got together, huh! (Powers licks his lips)
Li: … (with a scowl on her face)
Powers: Well then, let’s get to the point. Per your father’s request, and your wonderful… assets, I can assure you the position of CFO here at PMS.
Li: Thank you, sir! I won’t let you down.
Powers: Yes, of course not. Your first task will be to balance last year’s budget for the upcoming tax season. This is clearly a budget; it has a lot of numbers in it. I mean, look at all these numbers! I don’t read math. (holds up package)
Li: Are all the financial statements in that package?
Powers: What statements? This is a budget. (looks confused)
Li: You know; the income statements, assets and liabilites, owner’s equity, cash flow - you know what, I’ll just take the budget, sir.
Powers: Splendid! Here you go. (hands package to Li; slaps her on the ass)
Li: Oooh! I’ll get right to work on these.
Powers: You do that. And bring that fine ass of yours back some time.

Chun Li runs out of the room quickly to find her new office. It’s on the seventh floor (HQ is nine floors tall), and it’s furnished with a work desk, a computer, one lounge chair and one couch around a coffee table, a sink with a water fountain, several plants, a bookshelf and two windows with curtains. She places the package on the coffee table and lies down on the couch. There’s a phone on the coffee table.

Li: Well, I guess that meeting went well. I didn’t expect Mr. Powers to be so friendly, but think the hint of rum on his breath had some affect on his behavior.

There’s a knock at the door.

Li: Yes, come in.
Choi: Err, Miss Chun? I have the new desk lamp you request.
Li: Yes, thank you so much, Mister-
Choi: Choi, just call me Choi. I hope you’re settling in well.
Li: Yes, I am. I hope I’ll see you again.
Choi: Oh, I think we will again, my dear. (does pelvic thrusts)

Choi closes the door behind him as he leaves. Chun Li begins to muse to herself.

Li: I’ve been here less than an hour, and I’ve already been hit on twice! Could this day get any worse!

At that moment, the top of the water fountain flies into the ceiling, and water starts spraying all over the floor.

Li: That’s just great!

Li picks up the phone, looks over a list of numbers on the table, and calls the maintenance supervisor.

END: Chun Li’s Big Day

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Here are two rather obvious omissions on my part:

  1. Chang’s surnmae is Koehan.

  2. Choi’s surname is Bounge.

How I left those parts out is beyond me.

One more character to introduce:

Yuri Sakazaki - Chang’s maintenance secretary, Yuri works at PMS HQ during the day, and goes to college at night. Chang has taken a real liking to Yuri, and tries to help her anyway he can. Yuri occasionally gets into fights with Sakura, but is otherwise very cheerful at work.

EDIT (1/17/2004)

After some thought, I’ve decided to change Chun Li’s name around. Chun Li’s given name will now be Chun, and her surname will be Li.

Next part will be up in a few minutes.

At the Rec Room

Chang is sitting on his own leather lounge chair in the maintenance recreational room. Next to him, a whole pig is roasting over a grill; this is Chang’s lunch. Other maintenance workers are playing cards over at a poker table, while Kim is playing another worker at Ping Pong.

Kim: Ha! One more point and I am victorious!
Luke: Stuff your piehole, Kaphwan! You ain’t never gonna beat me. (Luke serves the ball)
Kim: Kim returns it clear across the table and Luke misses it) Sucker! Who the champ now! (Kim flashes the Colgate Smile)
Kim: Shut up, fat man. You’re just jealous cause I ruled you in Ping Pong, too!
Chang: I got somethin’ that’ll shut you up. (Grabs a mop a bucket; hands them to Kim) You wanna earn some overtime. Go clean the old man’s bathroom.
Kim: Are you serious? He’s been drinking since 7am! There’s probably puke all over the place. Not to mention he had Taco Bell for lunch.
Chan g: Shut your face and git movin’, chump.

As everyone else in the recroom laughs, Kim takes the mop and bucket and heads for the elevator. Yuri, Chang’s maintenance secretary, walks into the room, followed by Choi.

Yuri: Chang, will you tell this little bastard to stop pinching my ass! (slaps Choi in the face)
Chang: Choi, leave the girl alone. What can I do for your, darlin’?
Yuri: I just got a call from Miss Li’s office.
Chang: Who is Miss Li?
Choi: She’s the new hot mama who the old man just hired. She’s Miss K’s best friend as well.
Chang: Well Yuri, what’s the problem?
Yuri: It seems that Miss Li’s water fountain has, um… erupted. The top blew off, and water is leaking all over the place.
Chang: Hmph! Figures my lunch would be ruined. Alright then. (yelling at workers) Luke, shut the water off to Li’s room. Eric, grab me a new fountaintop. (picks up tool box) Yuri, write up an apology letter for Miss Li.
Yuri: Aye aye, captain!
Chang: Choi!
Choi: Yessss?
Chang: (points to the roasting pig) Guard that hog with your life.
Choi: You got it, bossss!
Chang: Alright, Eric, let’s move.
Yuri: I’ll meet you upstairs with the letter.

Eric and Chang hop into the elevator, and head for the seventh floor.