chuns CC



could someone tell me the damage on chuns AA CC’s?

I do the cr. hk. x4 to the spinning bird kick custom and it does a good 6800 damage

I hear she has a stronger one but I have never seen it and I would like to know if it does enough damage for me to even bother with it


It does 6800??? :eek:


I just did it…

not quite that much I was going on what someone told me after seeing your post I experimented a little

its does 6200 with the puff super

posted here to find a stronger one


I didn’t even think it did that much (except on Vega)… what is the exact button sequence you’re using?


cr hk x 4 lk spinning bird kick till corner then puffball

I was doing it on kyo


Then you obviously aren’t going the whole length of the screen. Chun’s most damaging AA CCs always have jumping hits involved because her moves are so weak to begin with - she has to get the damage through hit count.


what would be her best AA cc then??


the AA CC i usually do with chunners is:

activate, x 3/4 (depending on distance) lk SBK, close, x 2, land, sj.lp x N > to corner, sj.lp x N (if i have meter), c.fp, puffball.

im not sure how much it does.


For her ground CC usually i do hold forward and x6, then hold forward and jam on until the bar gets low then kick super… if you get the jumping attack afterwards its usually around 7400-7600 give or take. :slight_smile: