Chun's comeback



doesn ne one know if chun can be good in actual combat with storm and mag or storm and cammy and if not can u give me sum teams she might be able to function with good? I wanna try some new characters.


I have been playing with Chun in MvC2 for as long as I’ve played the game.

She is all right, but it is hard for her to stand up to many of the otehr characters in the game. A good team for her would have to make her either the first or second character.

Personally, I use Storm/Chun-Li/Psylocke, but Chun is also somewhat good with Doom and Sent.

She is a weaker, but more aerial, version of Strider, so she and Doom work somewhat well. Same with having Cyke. He helps Chun out somewhat.



I personally use Chun Li in my Chunny/ Strider/ Doom Team…
I use her air mobility to build up meter for Strider and DHC into Ourbs, safely bringing in Strider and starting the trap.

If you have her w/Strider, definitely use her expansion assist (overhead kick) (Strider on point) to wreak havock in Strider’s trap. Obviously, this team relies heavily on Strider and uses Chun Li only as an assist and meter-builder to Strider’s trap game.

I use Chun Li all the time in MvC 1, but it seems that she has been massively toned down…no air super, no c.hpxxSenretsu Kyaku, sigh.


i like using chun-li in my fun team to mess around. i use cammy and psylocke. im trying to rush down with her but its pretty hard. i’m tired of people just play keep away too build super, for what.

do you know if you corner someone with chun-li taunt(make sure it hits) then her super it connects:D try it. it’ll humiliate the other person


Chun is fun to use and works well with Psy, but she’s just so sucky…her d HP doesn’t even connect to her lightning kicks super anymore…i guess she was too powerful with it…:rolleyes:

jeez, she was upper mid in MvC1, and then they decide to make her the cream of the crap in this one. At least her AAA assist is pretty good…


I’m gonna try to work on some chun stuff make her elite and such but it’s very difficult. I’ve found three ground infinites with her but she’s so weak most Sent and Cable own her. Not sure of teams yet… Chun Doom is weird to me for some reason i can’t use it.


Chun/Doom takes time, especially since Chun has the risk of dying so quickly as a result of her low stamina. If you do stick with the pair, then they’ll eventually become easier to use.

I’m trying to increase my original Team Aerial Sirens play (Chun/Morrigan/Psylocke).

Yeah, she’s cool and can be a lot of fun to use. It is possible to have serious play with her, but it’s a very uphill battle. She needs to be utilized very well and matchd with people who can support her.