Chun's option selects



i did a bit of searching and didn’t see too much on her option selects, so i figure i’d ask and see what her option selects are. i do know of her target combo having the option select of c. hk but that’s it. what else can she do?


Here are some OS from Vanilla that still apply in Super: [media=youtube]FyIhS8_qNcM[/media]

There’s also an OS with d+f LK against Rufus dive kick, but I don’t know the specifics of it.


^^ it’s essentially crouch teching but holding forward instead of back. If he throws you tech if he goes for another dive kick you get CH d/f short. Problem is you can’t block while doing it otherwise it would be O fucking P


Wouldn’t it be smarter to just O-S with back-crouch HP+Throw in that instance?

c.hp comes out faster than d/f lk. Although it’s not as much of a reward when it lands, it’s a much less of a risk, is it not?


One that’s pretty effective on peoples wake up is c.short, c.short + HK. If they backdash you’ll sweep them, if they block you’ll get another crouching short as a blockstring.

Also one that is really good against Viper is OS into Hazanshu. is superb against her wake up since it stuffs H.TK but against EX seismo it can give you problems. So by inputting lk. Hazanshu after, you will avoid two of Vipers options.



Cr hp of Chun li is not good like the others character. Doing that can lead chun li tou pass under Rufus dive kick without hit him and because of that he land behind you, recover before you and punish strongly.

It’s a good idea for Juri, Guile, Ryu, etc but not for Chun Li. She doesn’t have a good crouch normal move which can stuff dive kick.


Cr mk xx hzan shu is impossible versus ex seismo because your cr mk whiff so you cannot cancel it by hazanshu.
After you cr mk, you have to block down if viper do ex seismo.

So trying to do hazan shu after cr mk is suicide because you cannot and in doing that you stop blocking down.


It’s not impossible. Skatan has done it against my Viper and it does wonders. The goal is not to cancel the into hazanshu since that would lead into an unwanted blockstring if Viper decides to simply block. Since has few recovery frames you will have time to input hazanshu after a whiffed one.
Basically, just input hazanshu if whiffs and when you see Viper flash. This can be easily done on reaction and you would only bother to do this if Viper has meter.


oh ok i see. i didn’t understand what you wanted to say. sorry
Ok doing hazan shu in reaction look like a good option but the timing is short so be careful.
Eating an exseismo can lead to big combo

But yes doing an hazan shu instead of stay in block is very interesting !!!

PS : It’s not option select anymore since you use reaction though


Are there any matchup-universal option selects for chun? My game isn’t to the point where I’m memorizing specific moves for every match up - but I would like to work option selects into my game. Are there any that I can start with that will work on any/most characters?

Sorry if I’m not understanding the point of OS or something.


jump fierce/sweep OS is great for catching back dashes

short short xx ex legs/sweep OS is good too


The point of os is that if your close to a guy one thing will happen but if they create space you can punish their attempt to back dash or jump or just walk away. If you want to incorporate this into your game you could start with the option select for teleport punish (bison, akuma, sim, seth). It starts off with a forward throw (usually) then dash forward and do j.hp X2 but on the second hp of the target combo do a :hcb: with hk at the same time al a ex fb or whatever. If bison teleports then you nail him with a hk hasanshu if he doesn’t then you have him locked in a block string because the hk hasanshu doesn’t come out on block.

This game is pretty much all about playing the matchups. If you game isn’t to the point where your applying different strategies per different character then you might want work on matchup knowledge first. It’s far more important to know what a characters options are in a given situation than option selects.


After looking at some video, I think it’s worth noting an option select I’ve seen Shizza do against Boxer. I don’t know the logistics of it, but it seems to be the following:

Forward Throw, Dash, j.HP, d/b Taunt

What I’ve seen is that this sets-up a pretty good Safe-Jump OS against Boxer off a forward throw. The trickiest thing is that Balrog’s options of TAP or EX Rush Punches will cause Chun to land behind Boxer and trigger the Flip Kick which is kinda awkwardly spaced. Sometimes the flip kick hits the edge of Boxer’s hitbox, causing them to block the cross-up and then you land on the opposite side (like how you can space an awkward d/f hk with Sagat) or it whiffs but puts you in a good position (I hope. We may be in frame disadvantage on whiff).

It’s also a Safe Jump, so it’s safe against Boxer’s other options. I haven’t really tested it out yet, but I’ve seen Shizza do it sometimes against Keno. Don’t really know how safe or efficient this OS really is though.