Chun's wake up game

just how good is her wake up game? to me, she has some options but not quite as good as others do. i do a few things… cross up,, kikoken,, empty jump to bait moves, fadc back to bait. any suggestions for other moves or ideas?

There’s already a thread for this mang

oh damn… forgot about that lol

I clicked the thread just to see if it had what the OP wanted (which is does plus more) just out of curiosity. I haven’t read it since the start of Vanilla and I just learned something I never really knew before. I learned the exact reason why EX SBK gets beat all the time.
2. If the jump-in attack comes in at a steep downward angle, EX SBK will flat-out LOSE. **

I always thought it was because I was late. After you play Chun for a while you learn when to use it and when not to. Now I know a situation when to not use it.

That thread is stickied for a reason. Please people, please use it, and ask your questions in there. It will still get answered.

Perhaps it can help you.
I made this one year ago so it’s about SF4

That’s a really good thread c_nul, wish I had seen it before.