Chus Dynasty - XBL Indie Fighter that Calls Itself a Mix of Street Fighter and Smash

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Chus Dynasty -

240 MS points.

Not at home, but the game is getting well-rated, at least on the XBL website, so I queued it for download. Has anyone tried it?

The official description:

Dr. B knows proper apostrophe usage.

hope that if a community grows with the game they avoid all the smashers mistakes, game looks interesting enough, to bad that its only on 360

It looks pretty fun. The only small problem I have is the background bending wobbly when the camera zooms

I think it’s a brave effort by the developers, with enough pushing, it’ll evolve, but Indie Games hardly get that sort of help. My hopes are that the developers make enough money to evolve their product enough to get some sort of professional help and recognition.

So how is it, Specs?

Didn’t get a chance to play it yet. Will weigh in once I do.

Dr. B demands certain duties of his followers.

Downloaded it. Here’s the run-down:

  • There are 4 characters
  • High and low attacks (block high and low)
  • X is weak attack (down+x is low weak)
  • Y is strong attack (down+y is low strong)
  • A is special moves (directions give different moves)
  • B is special moves (directions give different moves)
  • attacks do not cancel into each other, but can link in some cases.
  • attacks can cancel into special moves (only certain moves and only on hit or block)
  • Double jump (only at peak of first jump)
  • A+X is throw
  • Ki attack is A+B when Ki meter is full (a.k.a. ultra meter)
  • Y+B is counter (a.k.a. focus attack). 1 hit of super armor. Unblockable if fully charged.
  • RB+RT or LB+LT is combo breaker (at most you get 1 per round).
  • LT is energy mode. You turn into a energy ball and can fly away. At most 3 per round (or 1 if you combo breaker).
  • RB or LB is a time move. Takes up a time meter (a.k.a. super meter). Does different things for each character.
  • All characters have 1 move that goes through projectiles.
  • Press any button to quick rise upon falling. Some buttons make some characters attack while quick-rising.

Looks really good. Kinda lame it only has 4 characters.


It looks…actually good. Hoping for other console releases.

Good stuff. :tup:

I tried it briefly. Seems okay, but I was lost on how to combo attacks. Want to try it more.

Dr. B’s magic chain involves anything XX anything.

Looks alright, but i’m disappointed by small and few characters. Free for all games like this also disappoint because the best player can’t really win consistently. It does have 1v1 though so I guess that’s cool. Hope I can play it sometime.

The game also has team VS, so you don’t have to just place a crazy 4 player chaos fest.

Anyone who’se interested in the game, make sure to look at each characters Time Control abilities in the tutorial, and also to look up the characters moves under the Control section. It really helps you learn some of more intricate properties of the game.

Noah seems to be the one to play if you want to indulge in gattling/chain combos. Heta is a solid zoner, Dr. Chu is your trap/trickery character, and Violate is your bruiser/grappler. I’m actually happy there’s “just” 4 character; compared to most other XBLIG’s that try such things, these characters are much more developed and well rounded.

This appears to be a first effort for the team (Tribetoy), and considering that, this is quite a good effort. The game REALLY seems to open up when you get a grasp on it’s mechanics, and fighitng against the Hard CPU is actually a good way to see the character potential.

If the developer maintains as much passion post-release, as they had for making this product, then this could become quite a game. I’d already easily say it’s the best Fighting Game on XBLIG.

How does blocking and the combo system work?

Blocking seems to be doable from 2 methods: Neutral, and holding R Trigger (which also allows you to walk, rather than run.) Combos are your traditional fighting game “hit with a move that stuns, follow with a quick secondary move” style affair. All characters weak quick attacks (X button) chain into themselves, and most can combo an attack into their B button special. Noah is able to chain X,Y,B and X,Y,down B.

Of course, there are also more complicated things. You can use each characters time powers to make more complex combos. Noah can shoot out doubles of himselfs, leaving the real him ready to followup on whatever the double does. Heta can set up a recording of one of her special sat any area she’s standing, allowing her to, say, shoot fireballs from locations she’s previously been. Violate can reset his actions to either a resting state, or an attack stage, alowing him to double up, or make unique combos, and Dr. Chu can spawn a wormhole instantly to teleport you around the arena, which is a great way to drop people off the sides after any well-spaced hit.

Oh, and a random note; the character supers have NO invincibility on startup. So don’t try to use them as reversals. They’re more like super special moves.

Also note that the more full your Ki meter is, the less damage you take.

Chu’s dynasty for EVO 2k11.

Maybe if they threw another 4 characters in the game.

I am just gonna say it ( Hope no one gets butthurt)


I might just get. Kinda hard of a decision though 240msp? Is it worth it?

If you have to worry about spending 240 MSP…then probably not.