Chus Dynasty - XBL Indie Fighter that Calls Itself a Mix of Street Fighter and Smash

Think I might pick this up later today, I have 260MS points I don’t know what to do with. Does it support online play? Would be fun to throw down with SRK’ers. I call Violate if he’s the big grappler dude.

no online

Oh wow, another Scott Pilgrim. I won’t be fooled this time. There are better ways to spend 240MSP. If there’s no online then I have no one to play with.

Got no friends to play with?

i find it hard to believe that the game could be so bad that it’d be hard to get 5 or so hours out of the $3

Looks fun

Nominated for an article simply because indie fighting game developers could use more love.

So this is in the Indie games section of XBL, right? The one that doesn’t exist here in Australia?

Shame, looks worth the time to mess around with.

Developer Thanks

Hi, I’m the Designer on Chu’s Dynasty. I just wanted to thank everyone for talking about our game. I’ve been a lurker on this forum for a long time and tried to incorporate a lot of the strategies I learned here into Chu’s.

Tribetoy is composed of 3 core team members plus an amazing sound designer and an engine optimization wizard. We built Chu’s Dynasty after our 9-5 jobs without any budget or funding. There are some things we would LOVE to have but just couldn’t get in without funding such as additional characters and networking. Sorry about that.

We are planing to provide free updates to Chu’s Dynasty. We are adding a practice mode, fixing any found bugs, and tweaking balance. We may also add an additional level.

We are excited to see people who love fighting games talking about Chu’s! We would LOVE to hear your feedback. We will try to incorporate any suggestions into future free updates of the game. Balance tweaks, game-play improvements, anything! Some things are beyond our scope unless we get funding but we will do what we can!

Thanks so much for taking an interest in Chu’s Dynasty.


jesus, i love you already.
if you ever rack up the funds to add ggpo-netcode, don’t think it’s that expensive at the moment, ( - Home - Lag Free, Online Arcade Gaming Goodness ) you will be considered godlike by this community.

EDIT: Check post 86 for bugs.

Some other notes:

  • Dashing grabs have amazing range. A dashing Hulk Grab can be used at like half-screen away and come in with super armor too.

  • Violate’s super is pretty terrible. The lack of invulnerability makes it only usable as an anti-air, but if the opponent uses an air attack with decent vertical range, then it will still stuff the super. Also, if they empty jump, then they can block during the super-flash. I think this move could use 1 hit of super armor.

  • Another issue with Violate’s super. If it does hit and you have Time meter, then your opponent is taking anywhere between 50% to 75% damage (and you’ll probably end up with 1-2 time meters). On block, with Time meter, the opponent could still take 25% in chip damage. If you decide to give this move 1 hit of super armor, then you should definitely make it non-LB-able (and reduce the damage).

  • Heta can build time meter MUCH faster than the other characters. Just jump and mash A…you get crazy meter.

  • Noah’s air down+Y should be added to the movelist. Noah’s cr.X, Y, X chain should be added to the movelist. Noah’s cr.Y, Y, X chain should be added to the movelist.

If I had a wish-list:

  • Have a toward X and Y. You’ll be giving each character 2 extra normals, which will really make the characters fill more fleshed out. Plus…it just feels right.

  • An extra stage. Not really because I want more stages…but I really want to have the same number of stages and characters.

I had never heard of ggpo-netcode. I’ll take a look. See if it plays nice with Xbox and see if I can implement it without quitting my job ;). Otherwise lets hope for funding.

@Spooty Whiteboy
You rock,

I will fix all the bugs in an update released in the next few weeks :). That Major bug you found must be new and have crept into the release :(. It should be an easy fix though! :slight_smile:

  • Heta can build time meter MUCH faster than the other characters. Just jump and mash A…you get crazy meter.
    This one is a bug too :(. Easy fix.

-Viotales Super
I’ll tweek this as you suggested. One little hint, You can combo into it (though it is hard) by: (a) Hammer Fist, Tap LB, Dash, (I Explode You) A+ B.

-Combos not on Move list:
I’ll add all the combos that I can to the move list. Can’t belive Noahs down Y is missing.

-Dashing Grabs have amazing range
I’ll have to think about this one and try to come up with a good solution :).

I’ll see what I can do about your wish list too. It will take me a bit longer to get new stuff in as I want to make sure everything else is solid first but I love the ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to play our game it means a ton! Sorry those bugs got by QA, its amazing what you don’t find in 100s of hours of playing.

I’ll send out a ping when the update goes live in a few weeks!

Keep it coming I want to make this game something that people can get into!


This isn’t necessarily a problem. I was just noting how much awesome range dashing grabs have.

@Spooty Whiteboy
Ah ok I misread the grab comment and assumed you found it unbalanced.

It really helps having people that are into fighting games playing our game! My access to hardcore fighting game players was limited during development other then a few playtest sessions with really skilled dudes who could kick my butt. :slight_smile:

Thanks Again.

@ Anemone
Thanks for the article nomination!

just wondering if there are plans on releasing this game on another consoles
ps3 owner here

As both a smasher and a SF player, I’m pretty excited to try this after reading all of the great feedback, as well as seeing the developer take an interest in what you guys think. I’ll probably be picking this up today or tomorrow :smiley:

Good to see you posting here. I wish I had more time for the game personally, but as you can see, SRK posters (other posters :rofl:) know their stuff.

Don’t stop.

Dr. B’s Mirror Image spell breaks reality"LKJH{)C*GBP@IVCG"

Oh wow, going to purchase today then and help support you and a fellow SRK’er. hopefully word of mouth will help you, and we can get a sequel with more characters and online =D

Thanks Everyone!

@ Hecatom
For now we are concentrating on making the Xbox version the best it can be ;). But may be able to go to another platform in the future. :slight_smile:

When I get my rewards points cleared I’ll. Be buying. Sounds good.