ok guys here are the results from the Craig Invitational 5. i didn’t win this one:( but its cool, i’ll get roy back next week, we had a pretty good turnout. we also had alot of good matches, such as shane VS. Raphael, and J.D. VS. Jason, good job guys. you have all improved alot, keep up the good work. later…

  1. Roy Youngblood- good job man, but i won’t lose next week, lol
  2. Craig " MAXIMUS " DuFour
  3. Raphael " GENOCAZI "
  4. Jason " Crono_mishitoka "- see man, you are good, stop saying your not
  5. J.D. " xBlackheartx "- dude, wtf, you play so much better than this, but you still did good, you gotta come over more and practice.
  6. Shane " DC guy "
  7. Justin " Spidey "
  8. Ken

P.S. lol, something seems to have happen to Mirko and Alvin. for some reason they couldn’t make it, ( cause they’re scared ) J/k


Javier says congrats to Roy for Winning the tournament.

PS. I (Infinite) would have won if i was there:evil:


:eek: Holy shit Roy won damn Good job man. Jason u got the stuff to win but u just dont want to beleive it go for the gold man. Yea i know i didnt wanna come over cause didnt wanna get owned by the mighty craig :stuck_out_tongue: ill make it to the next tourny because i was in Mandrin and i forgot to bring my cell phone when i got home i saw like 3 people call me BAH


lol you will be defeatd by me in the 1st round. :lol:

and jason i guess third time a charm, since it took our 3rd matchup in any tourney to beat me. (You beat the shit out of me :lol:

anyway i hope my skiilz improve for the next tourney.


Cable/Iron Man = Death. Way to use your assist set up for the AHVB. I just wonder where the hell do you be getting your meter from. I look for a sec and you have none then out of nowhere comes like 2 meters. Cable can’t build meter that fast. WTF?!?:lol: Great match, man.

And by the way, I don’t care what you all say, what I say still goes. I SUCK ASS AT MvC2. And to prove it, we had this little team tournament at Adventure Landing today and I went last both times and I blew it for our team both times and we had the best person of all six players there, too (Maximus). I just pulled off a couple of crowd pleasing combos and a couple of infinites at Craig’s place and that’s about it. I’m going to be at Craig’s house everyday and hybernate in the time chamber until I become lethal.:evil: Look out.


LoL we shall see how far everyone does next CI and see how the outcome goes.


lol doesnt craig have to move in a couple of weeks???

and btw moost of the time i really have no meter problems with iron-cable


and damnit i wanted to go to craigs house today to play but, im stuck here at kens house and him and shane dont want to go over today.


Beware, Sony Sound aka Alvin will be playing in the next tourny.

LoL. Eh.


Yea alvin missed like 2 tournys so what are the chances of him coming to the next one :stuck_out_tongue: you better come we need more people kinda sucks playing with like 7 people


WTF?!?! Craig is moving?:eek: I didn’t know that. I mean I suspected it from the boxes and all but I didn’t wanna’ say anything. Where is he going?


Yea craig is moving out the country, he going to russia and gonna represent russia in MvC2 with all the best players over there :lol:
His lease is up so he gotta find another apartment or place to live at.


Oh okay.