ok guys, here are the resulte from the tourney. we had a couple unexpected guest show up. And guess who didn’t come…thats right, Alvin, his punk ass was mowing the lawn at 8:00 pm. so he couldn’t come.:rolleyes: .we had fun though, i hope all of you come to the next one. and god damnit J.D., you better place higher in the next one, your alot better than the way you play at these tourneys. later…

  1. Craig " MAXIMUS " DuFour
  2. Roy Youngblood
  3. Andy " kinda Guilemike " from Tally, good shit man
  4. Justin " Spidey "
  5. Alex " XenoKaze " Arguello
  6. Shaddow, other guy from Tally, some of us used to play him alot, hes still good though:D
  7. Mirko " Pop N Fresh " what happened at this tourney man?
  8. J.D. " xBlackheartx " dude, WTF?
  9. Jason " Crono_Mishitoka " OMG, you play sooooo much better than this, just bad luck at this one, you’ll do better next week

ok there it is, hope you guys had fun. And i can tell how much you all have been practicing especially J.D and Jason, good job guys, keep playing, later…


:o That must of been another Mirko impersonating me at the tourny cause i know i can play better then that.


yeah ive seen your crazy-insane magneto do meuch better, but in other words i really sucked at the tourney, (If i would have played one of justin’s friends in the first round i would have placed better :wink: but i noticed theire names werent even on here)

didnt seem like i played better beofre we started the tourny than when i acually played in it. Oh well.

BTW craig i thought you had to move…so where is the next tourney going to be???


Alex here and yes I’m finally come on to say something about the last tourney…:o so…Fist of all I would like to say that Jason played very well at this tourney you just had bad luck with match ups. Think about how easy Justin had it :lame: he owned his friend and went straight to Craig…anyways I’m getting off the subject here but I hope we’ll be seeing Alvin at the next tourney I’m still not straightened out about what happened there. But I’ll see you guys at the next tourney I’m not sure but we might be able to do it at my place if no one else can do it at there place.

P.S. I’ll try to do better next time and Jason i’m not holding back.


ahhh so the next oturney will not be at craigs place…


Sorry guys I gots to move this.


good shit Nick carter’s brother, your mad nice I hope i get to go down to jax and play you


craig is God- like lol . i knew it,
lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaha

note to self : get craig a trophy


LOL funny Mike lol nick carter


Yea fuckin craig wins everytime im starting to think we arnt even a challenge to him anymore.


Its Xander who looks like Aaron Carter, not Craig. Why u always confusing craig and xander?

Good Job Craig. Keep up the good work.


Where are you guys from?


Re: Re: CI#6

:stuck_out_tongue: oops, I’m always getting confused like that, ok then good stuff Craig:D


For real Craig man you are the bomb for real. Ya’ll gonna come up for our next tournament? It will either be the 30th of August or the 7th of september. I could really use the practice against ya’ll for that team tournament so I hope you guys can make it plus the VA guys said they are gonna try and make it. I keep ya’ll posted about VA though.



Hey guys I was just wondering were you all wanted to have the next tourney. I don’t think Craig has a computer so we’re going to have to put it together and tell Craig were to meet us or somebody call him and ask him if we can do it at C.J.‘s house. On Another note Jason do you think you can play with me, Avlin, and Mirko at my or Alvin’s house sometime this week? Like OL’ Pop N Fresh said we need to become a better challenge for Craig. :evil: And when we do we’ll try to take over the world HAHAha… but seriously we need to become better… So if you want to get better with us tell me.


I agree with u 100%:smiley:


it will be impossible to keep up with craig…when we are sleeping hes playing MvC2, when were eating hes playing MvC2…:lol: :lol: :rolleyes:

and what happened to craigs comp. did his roomate take it with him??? and make sure to keep me up with the update on where the next tourny will be becuase i will not be in last place this time.
(Espically if i get to face shane who is coming this time. I ownz him for free now.)


OMG!! Man I fuckin’ sucked ass at the tourney, not like I’m really good or anything but this is fuggin’ pathetic!:mad: And the tournament was so ass backwards, too. I’m not entering tournies anymore ‘cause I’m just getting worse and worse. How the hell did I get from 7th to 4th to fuggin’ dead last? That just tells me something right there. Stick to Tekken. :lol: It doesn’t matter who I use, I still get owned. Craig says I’m sooooo much better than this? Ahahahahahaha yeah, right. Then that either must have not been the right Jason there or you saw a ghost, my friend. That’s the potential MvC2 Jason that plays.

We had Justin and his newbie crew show up after like half the tourny was over and when I got eliminated. And BTW, Justin sucked at the tourny, too. He should have perfected his friends’ ass with that Mag/Cammy/Psy team of his. :lol: (Don’t know why he has two assist whores on that team,:bluu: but anyway) Oh well, congratulations to the winner.

I’m waaayyyyy too far behind but I’m just not understanding what potential you people see in me anyway. As far as catching up to Craig’s level, it can be done guys. You just gotta’ practice and get your execution to be at 100% when playing him and get smarter playing as well.

XenoKaze, Listen man. Craig owns us for free and I don’t really think we are a challenge to him anymore. You are better off playing him than us since he is the man to beat. Better yet, play Xander and Roy. Remember, Roy won the last tournament so you might have some luck. Whatever you do, just count me out because I’m not getting any better at this game though I do love playing it. Meanwhile, I think I’m catching on to Alvin’s little scheme here. He’s avoiding the tournies to hybernate in the time chamber with Team Rowtron a bit so he may have something to show next time.:lol:

Meanwhile, I’ll stay absent from this game a bit until I get my skills up or something or probably just quit. So beware! I’m gonna’ 100% combo-ize, resetilize, and infinitize your sorry asses!:evil:


As to Jason’s last post imma leave that alone and mabye he’ll come to his senses. He by far has been playing the least out of all of us and still beats us occationally, but for some reason he thinks he sucks :rolleyes: Huh… but I don’t think i’ll be able to get to the next tourney guys so there’s the third place spot up for grabs HAhaha j/k. But yeah the reason I can’t go is because on of my sisters movies is coming out in tennessee so I have to go up there this Friday sucks. I’m always up for supporting her, anyways you guys have fun and convince Alvin to go.

P.S. stop Jason your good…


hey guys, whats up? im staying at my moms house for 2 weeks 'till we get our place. as for the tourney, we can have it at AL this Friday. we could probally start around 7 as usual. let me know if this is a problem, later…