CI2 Results

Pretty good turnout, or should I say, better than last tourney. I don’t remember all the teams used…

3.Sheng - Cable/BH/Cyke, Cable/Doom/Cyke
5.P Murda
7.xMo0xMo0x - Santhrax/Scrub
7.ricepatty - Row
9.Commy - MSP

Haha, when was the last time someone’s invitational, they finish 2nd to last =X Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel with msp…

Pryde is the truth…

Derek Daniels

use team rowtron or mag storm sent teams with anti airs are inferior i think id pick row or mss over any team any day man every time i go to a tourney i kinda miss being good and not sucking so much i might just start playing one of these days like the old times

Hey, is PJC still alive?
If he is, does he still play?

:slight_smile: omni is my hero, he taught me everything in MvC2

Yes pryde is:cool: .