CI3 6.11.04 (Boston, MA) MVC2 results


Full results on Boston MVC2 vids, feel free to discuss here, Pryde is back :smiley:

Pryde wins, Gemindi 2nd, I still can’t win my own invitationals :bluu:


thanks for vids


bring back magnus commy, with resets like those…we need another good magnus like we need a bullet in the head but…c’mon:D


thx for vids as well, good shit on keeping stuff up to date.

what happened to pryde’s hair? :frowning:
and Pryde please do storm infinite on sent


Thanks, haha, I wanna see more vids of cali players though! I remember you had a sick magnus :smiley:

Hahaha, my magnus sucks, or atleast now it does, hehe, my resets are garbage, but they work once in a while, i got some casual matches of some mags action, they’ll be up soon.

Yea, haha, hopefully boston players will get some recognition


DAMN, the 45 hit combo with sentinel’s semi infinite is CRAZy! :eek: I don’t get the part where you OTG with sentinel by doing short, short, then superjump fast fly into more combos How do you guys do it?



well it’s not otg, but their jus like delayed short short then rejump, um, yea, hard to explain really.