CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread



Match Videos

Match Videos


KBeast vs MarlinPie - FT5 - Evo 11

TNT (10/27) CNC Chrisis vs GC Dacidbro - Loser’s Finals

TNT (10/27) CNC Chrisis vs coL. CC. F. Champ - Grand Finals MvC3

Thursday Night Throwdown Dromstruction - Various Chrisis Play

AG MarlinPie vs LB NYChrisG - Grand Finals - Charity Fights Tournament

LB WinRich vs AG MarlinPie - Charity Fights Tournament

AG MarlinPie vs AG Dr. Chaos - Losers Finals - Charity Fights Tournament

The Break Weekly #136 - MarlinPie vs Dynicksty

The Break #140 - MarlinPie vs Noel Brown

The Break #140 - MarlinPie vs DemonHyo

The Break #140 - MarlinPie vs Josh Wong

The Break #140 - MarlinPie vs Damian

The Break #140 - MarlinPie vs ChrisG

**Tutorials/Techniques **



C.Viper FADC Tutorial and Potential - gotnoskill

Viper Combos and Mixups - gotnoskill

“Viper Ball” Tech - Chrisis

gotnoskill’s Training Highlights

**Combos **



Desk’s Combo Video

Combos With Strange Assist - JClutch31

Viper/Strange/Doom bnb - RagingKeela

Viper/Strange/Doom bnb 2 - RagingKeela

Viper Optics - Lenaire

C.Viper Combo Video - JClutch31

I meter, I mil damage - JClutch31

Combos w/ Assists - gotnoskill

If anyone notices a mistake in the OP or thinks there are videos that should be in there and they’re not, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Official Problem and Solution Thread

Yeah I was wondering why we didn´t have a Video Thread. I know there´s lack of good footage from her but we have to start somewhere. Thanks Lose-Control. I´ll try to look up for Viper vids and try to contribute the most possible. Its sad that this great character doesn´t get any love or dedication from the pros right now. I know she´s complex but that is why this character is so much fun to use cause not anybody can pick her and be good with her just like that. Lets go Vipers.


Lots of matches from Marlin Pie:

  1. [media=youtube]j60lxmq009c&feature=channel_video_title[/media]

  2. [media=youtube]SPzOByorTYc&feature=channel_video_title]YouTube - The Break Weekly #100 - WF - MarlinPie VS [EMP[/media]

  3. [media=youtube]58_HsNR3ixQ&feature=channel_video_title[/media]

  4. [media=youtube]75Ef2mKzyCM&feature=channel_video_title[/media]

  5. [media=youtube]1ywqPnTaLIs]YouTube - The Break Weekly #100 - W2 - MarlinPie VS [EMP[/media]


Marlin Pie why you so gdlk? O.o!!!


amazing MarlinPie videos!!.. this guy is so godlike in execution!! lets see if anyone can bring another viper videos!!!.. thank you guys!.


Nice, thanks for posting these! Good stuff.


daamn marlin is so sick. his seismo canceling is sick & combos to lol :rofl:


Finally a video thread! Thanks







KBeast on the Ramnation stream has a pretty amazing C.viper but he also plays other characters. I wish I could link the specific matches but its just a left over VoD of the entire tournament on and some games he plays a Mag/storm/chun. Then he plays C.Viper/Sent/Dante - iplaywinner - RAMnation: MVC3 Tournament - Starts @ 11PM PST
Part 2 or the stream, 60 mins and he plays all the way to 1:13:00 after that he plays a different game against the 3rd player.


Sorry that the OP is a bit of a mess right now. I think I should resort to using spoiler tags to clean it up and make it look more organized. I’ll work on it. Also should pm a mod to sticky this at the top. If anyone notices any mistakes within the OP (links leading to the wrong vids) please let me know so I can fix it. Keep the vids coming!


Not the best viper play, [media=youtube]7z0GFEYx5ao&feature=feedu[/media] but it seems sanford may have found his character.


Here´s The break #101. MarlinPie delivering a sick Viper once again.
Edit: Apparently they have taken out the vid from Justin so here are the youtube links.

[media=youtube]JQLnw1HSmKc&feature=channel_video_title]YouTube - The Break Weekly #101 - W3 - [AG[/media]

[media=youtube]ub59YYdnHAU&feature=channel_video_title]YouTube - The Break Weekly #101 - WF - [AG[/media]

The match against Josh Wong was outstanding. Be sure to check out his combo at 8:34 teaming Viper with Mags and double seismo combo at 10:55. The guy has issues.
Enjoy Vipers.


^^ Thanks. Hopefully I’ll be making it down to The Break soon.


Duddeeeeee, Marlinpies Viper is awesome. Makes me want to pick her up.


I think what’s more impressive is his combination of Viper/Mags but yes his Viper is very sick.


[media=youtube]ub59YYdnHAU#t=8m32s]YouTube - The Break Weekly #101 - WF - [AG[/media]


/me throws his ps3 in the garbage

fuck this shit im out


Yo, look at the Break Weekly 101 shit. I started playing Magneto literally…yesterday. Hes arguably top 5 imo in the game. He builds meter so well, great zoning, best throw in the game, best lvl 3, incredibly fast.

Not to start theory VS capcom but i think amaterasu, wesker, magneto, and akuma are top four. I think sent and Dante are overrated.

On topic: how in flying foog does marlin cancel his seismos sooooooooooo fast??? and get two of them off in one combo? Does she have infinites with those things? he does soooo many in one combo.


In the Brady guide, it tells you how. Read it the other day. It’s a weird jump cancel like :f::d::df::uf:

I think the :uf: initiates a jump frame and also buffers the :f: for the next Seismo.

I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s how I understand it from the guide.


I think Mags is the best character in the game with Wesker being in top 5 for sure.
Anyways, the Seismo chains aren’t hard to do and if you check the main viper forum the method has been discussed. You can’t infinite a character with them but you can infinite an assist with them. If you kill the on-point character or double snap back and catch the assist you might not be able to kill the assist as the game kicks in after 4 seconds and stops the chain from continuing.