CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread



You Cali guys suck with all your good vipers up there! I need more Viper match up experience. Out of all the mirror matches in the game that mirror match has to be the craziest. Me and DrewGrimey played yesterday and a lot of the matches were us zoning full screen and trying to get in 3/4 screen to hit eachother with seismo and vajra assists. And also we did nothing but try and focus on punishing Vajra assist. It was interesting. Once we got half screen we started jumping like mad men and throwing out EX moves or looking for that hit.


Your in Texas right?


It was fun testing all my Dr. Doom replacements, you made it very clear that Wesker was no good for that team… Going past 3/4 screen in the Viper mirror is like walking on landmines, also I love how L.seismo can catch Vajra out the air so can a well timed burst time. We always have some crazy shit happen in these matches


I hope Viper is not a giants fan.


Ammy does weak damage for an anchor? Yeah probably. A weak anchor period? Not at all. One of the best IMO minus the low damage.

I think that’s more so due to him still not optimizing Doom’s point game. He doesn’t optimize Doom’s normal dash cancel techniques at all and just kinda plays real basic pressure wise. Luckily though he has one of the best assists for Doom in cold star so that doesn’t even matter as much. Plus Ammy got a hella buff now that she gets a 40 percent speed increase + being able to slow people down. Being able to move nowhere near as fast as Ammy and then her moving 40 percent faster than you if she has XF available? She does a great job countering the normal options of other anchors also. She just obviously doesn’t hit as hard as other anchors.

I think his team is set up fine with the only issue of not having an assist to cover Viper’s aerial. Which despite that he was able to run back against Chris G’s Morrigan+Missiles team at curleh mustache 2 which on paper should have been really bad for a C.Viper team without an AA assist. Ammy had some interesting counter tools against it but Marlin’s Viper really just grinded through it all where it counted and got in.


So, I clicked on the link you provided and it doesn’t send me to one specific video, but instead a bunch of previously recorded streams. Can you help me out and tell me which vid it is that you are in? I’d really love to see some other viper players other than Marlinpie. Thanks


For whatever reason the video is not there anymore. Sucks. Uhm here is the most recent one of me going to the marvel night

You can find me on there around

2 hours 39 minutes I get on.
3:23ish I try an experimental/fuckin dumb team. I switch back after 4-5 matches. Danke wanted for us both to use our 'troll teams so when I had seen him hop on I was happy to mess around with it. Very basic.
3:53 is when I get off but I jump on again at 4:08 till the end.

Edit: I hate showing my play because I know that I can do much better than I feel like I’ve recorded. I always am rough with my self analysis. I don’t do exceptionally bad but I definitely did not play safe in some cases and made some dumb decisions if I remember correctly. Just have to tell myself the more I see it the better I’ll do next time… which is true but you see me shake my head a lot and if I did it’s because I did something stoopid.

Was able to pull off a Zero punish for an all too familiar setup that Zero’s do with lightning. I was happy when I did that and the players expression made me smile.

My throws were mostly on point. My neutral game wasn’t the greatest but it was okay. Need to work on my strider combos for definite. I never dropped so many combos, but also when Strider is out there I don’t make the most sane decisions.


I like that you’re getting down the stair kick loop thingy. Trying to get that down myself.

Some interesting use of the burn kick in the neutral also. Definitely trying to put together all of her special moves for the neutral like you had to in SFIV so it’s good to see some ideas.


Not sure if that is directed toward me Im pretty sure it is, but the stair kick loop is something I am about 95% down with. I can do it on the fly with a light seismo AA when I’m looking for it and can actually catch people in an OS throw into it if my throw is too far away. It sucks though because I play on Xbox, then go and play online, then go and play on PS3 at UFO. I am constantly changing the button lag so I have to get use to the timing in each one over and over again. The bad thing about the stair kick loop is that it needs precise timing and the understanding when to press certain buttons when you are at specific heights to adjust and keep them in front of you. So if i concentrate 95% of the time I can rock it. I can almost say 100% but not there. If im comfortable or going by second hand nature I can fuck it up because I deal with input lag from all platforms. I will eventually get use to it.

For burning kick usages. I am still experimenting on them and I’ve come to realize that Instant superjump forward heavy BK is a really good AA for people who super jump or tech out of a seismo. It’s also a great overhead and a GREAT ambiguous 50/50 for incoming characters at the middle of the screen. I think I tried quite a few times in that session at UFO but fucked up the timings and they came in from the other side. I also had an accidental discovery once and called Vajra instead of arrows on an incoming character, fucked up the timing again and as the popped out way on the other side of the screen Vajra whopped them in the head.

Really the primary reason I have Task arrows is to cover Viper for Burning kick mix-ups and neutral game since air BK’s are so negative on block. You might also notice in my play i do a lot of random SJ j.H from half screen. The reason is because I fuck up the BK input on a SJ forward. I try them a lot more often than you see them lol.

I said this before but I’m making a mix-up video for Viper and you will see a few or a lot of uses for BK’s (depending on how many I record) since they are so under-abused.


I’m also still working on my BK video (I know I’m taking forever, sorry). It’s going to be very interesting to see what we’ve got. Though mine is going to be more general than specific.


Newest T&T. About Vergil’s Round Trip.Technically this is about Vergil, but the whole video uses my Viper/Vergil/Strider team, and given how good Burn Kick is for this, it’s probably worth a look for all of you that run Viper/Strider too.


good stuff. Ive been trying to find unblockables with round trip or different things with it. Except Ive been using Trish. You can also tag out after you round trip and if round trip hits them, then you can combo off it with Viper


Interesting stuff, but I feel like everything there that didn’t have to do with hard tagging gets destroyed by push blocking.


Nope, You can time your teleport after the last PB and, well, you really don’t want to push block round trip or you’ll get stuck in an infinite blockstring. Do that for a few seconds and they will stop pushblocking it really fast.


37:00 about 3 games. played like ass.
1:24:00-2:29:00 Like 17 game win streak or something. Can’t remember
2:59:00-3:23:00 More Viper play.
4:18:00-4:34:00 Omit. Used troll team that didn’t troll very well.
5:05:00-End Good matches back and forth between both of us.

Enjoy! Critique if you see anything I should work on. Found a lot of my mistakes. And my strider is still ass.


I like your style of viper quite a bit actually
What I like a lot is your siesmo spacing as well as your usage of Bk which is a tool I feel that more viper players should make use of
I also Saw that you use Tk fient as frame traps which is quite rare

I only watched a bit and I think you need to learn some match ups better(Haggar) but seriously don’t we all
But overall you have unique traits as a viper player that all of us should apply to ourselves

Oh and I have the worst strider out of everyone here It is flowchart dogshit
But watching DrewGrimey’s Performance at TNT has made me consider putting some serious work into strider


Some gameplay of me and my friends sparring. Pay attention to DatBeastCJ’s Viper. First Viper I’ve come across that plays like this. His main goal is to reset you to death. Which are damn near inescapable. Only way to get out it seems is to be if he fucks it up. Regardless figure I’d share it with you folks.

I have a couple of our matches in here. I’ll note them later I suppose. Enjoy!



that’s a lot like how i play (with less mid-combo bk feints) mostly because i’m afraid of lag dropping fancier stuff, plus my team (Nemesis/Wesker) is also reset heavy.
that seismo x j.L reset you either need to be looking for it to tech or use an invincible super, anyone else have a way out of it?


I’d have to agree that the best way out is to simply tech. When you see him use j.L in a combo, you know something’s up.


I’m really sleepy after having been up a really long time but I got to run sets with Neo, PR_Balrog, F-Champ, and Flash Metroid on FGTVlive over the last day, had a good enough performance that my team is considered broken. I agree. Gonna go to sleep now though, love all you other Viper players! <3