CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread



yeah i basically agree, vajra is not usable on reaction. but i actually don’t have that much of a problem with opponents jumping into my face, i usually go for airthrows or focus xx ex seismo in that situation, or even L seismo if i anticipate it. my problem (like as for all viper players i think ^^) are characters camping at the upper end of the screen spamming shit at me from an angle, like trish or morrigan. in vanilla i used jam sesh especially against trish, now vajra does that. i also think that i’m a very offensive player and weasel shot fits my playstyle more. i have to agree with chrisis, what i do at midrange is call dante, pin them down with a seismo so they have to block WS and dash in to create offense. of course stuff like that works with JS too, but what i don’t like about JS is that the last hit pushes the opponent away midscreen. i also generally like to have some kind of horizontal assist, never played without one. ^^


Something from a recent tourney. I hope to get a hold of more footage from here.

Some casuals




More UMvC3 (and some old MvC3) vids at my account.




Finally got a couple vids out of my Viper/Missiles/Vajra team. I wanted to cap a longer set but the battery was low so only got a couple small matches.

I’m still trying to figure out her neutral a bit although missiles and vajra helps a lot for dealing with Zero it seems. Both assists will track him going for the air which makes fighting him a lot easier. Just need to brush up on some combos and work focus and her EX moves in more effectively.

Let me know what you think and if you got any tips etc.


Your Doom is really good. Was having trouble focusing on Viper. :slight_smile:


LOL. That’s cool. I’m glad I still got Doom down. Missed him too much. I’ve been playing him since day one Vanilla so I thought he was good before the FUUU DAAII.


Not sure if you know about Viper’s combos with Doom missiles but I didn’t see you do it…Don’t have a easy way of recording but Go to 1;18:20 to see one of my matches of me doing it, same team and assists as yours


I checked out the video. For now I like doing the combo I do (with Strider at the end) since I practiced it for so long and now it feels comfortable. I think my issue is I’m not doing the last relaunch of the combo correctly so Strider doesn’t have time to come out by the time I land. If I’m fighting Zero I probably don’t need the Strider assist any way. Plus the wall carry is pretty good. I wanna eventually get up to regularly doing the stair loop but I’ll save that for some other time when I’m in training mode.

I’ll probably try it against Zero though since I just wanna get Zero out of the match and it probably makes it a little bit easier to combo him. We’ll see.

Hope you like the team as much as I like the team.


yeah, after dropping Doom for Zero for a month, I notice that the team does not run as smooth, Focus unblockables are not able to get set up in time, Viper does not build as much meter and Zero/strider synergy is not as good as doom/strider, that’s besides having missiles to save Viper.

I really recommend doing the missile relaunch with strider ender combo as it builds 1.75 meters and does 9k and almost 1.1 with the DHC, but it’s up to you… Good luck with the team, it has so much synergy


I’ll look into using that combo then.


Me and Drew Grimey both played at Tight or Fight V yesterday, I don’t think much Marvel ended up on stream but we both placed pretty decently representing those broken characters!

I just have 2 broken characters at all times instead of one. :wink:

Tournament footage for top 8 Marvel along with the other games here:
Marvel top 8 starts at: 1:13:00 All good matches! :smiley:


I played really bad once I was on stream, I blame the commentators being so close while playing, the 3 hour break to get on stream, and no food lol.

Looking at the footage, I did alot of bad choices, my Doom is really bad and I need to work on him, I wish I stuck with Viper against chrisis as well. Chrisis played really solid the whole night and I really cringed when I saw that mistake he did against PR Rog, but tourney nerves mixed with being on stream sometimes makes people do bad decisions or execution errors. Major props to him for getting so far

I was disappointed because I waited 3 hours for top 8 to start just to lose my first match especially after eliminating some really good players prior.


Also, Why I like Doom in Nor-cal aka Strider land

Right after that match in the begenning I drop the combo on C.Viper, followed by a bad assist call that lost my strider, followed by not converting on Chrisis’s bad assist call to get a revenge happy birthday.


Hey everybody, it’s my first post on here. :slight_smile:

I’ve created a short Viper tutorial that explains how to her SJC from a Seismo, it’s obviously for beginners but I’d like some honest feedback if possible. Thanks.


The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

More from the last Manila tourney.



1:11:30 - 2:19:00

Here are some casuals at the free night I attended.

Got a lot of Viper, some Strider, and Task stuff going on here.

There are some new things here I pulled out too.


Does anyone know how to do the re-launch with c . viper and doom beam assist? Not sure if MArlin Pie, calls assist, dashcancels seismo, Hk burnkick?


do you mean midscreen or corner?
Midscreen you call doom while wavedashing, L seismo jc fadc S
In corner you call doom, wait a bit, l seismo, sjc L burnkick, S


I’ll be at UFO tonight for the freeplay sometime. It’s my birthday so i’ll be wearing something birthday like, and hopefully be getting a bunch of happy birthdays on stream. Giving them or taking them. Thats right TAKING THEM! Anyways!

Edit: Or not. I guess there wasn’t enough people there. We had fun though.


Great matches there.


I played briefly in the 3v3 tournament today. Almost OCV’ed the team that won the tournament. Dropped the combo with an input that made me go WTF. And did okay against houston players. I feel like I should have done much better. But I guess I’m okay with the results. We weren’t the best team and it was obvious by the name of our team Gott no Synergy. We could have made it much farther with team adjustments but we just didn’t do it. Ohwell. First team tourney. I will do better next time. Much better. I’ll try and upload the matches. I think I was the only Viper there.

Oh yeah and the only two people I lost too were the guys in the very very final match. Does that make it better?.. no I wish it did. :frowning: