CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread



Set with me vs Pr Rog, he seems like he was annoyed with my team but that’s fine… Means I’m playing it right :)… I had a feeling Viper would be able to handle log trap

check out this video at the 3hour and 27 minute mark…


Why is PR rog so salty? It’s his fault for not knowing the match-ups. And a lot of the things you were using on him and exploiting were the biggest things you should know about Viper/vergil matchup


yeah, dude just want’s to press buttons non-stop without getting punished… oh and there was one match that I should have won where his wesker made a come back, I blame pedro behind me giving me bad information since my Vergil is pretty new


I lost this one, but still a great set vs Fchamp


LMAOOO he was mad as fuck! good shit bro


From the looks of things every player here is waaaayyyy outside my league but i ll ask anyways. im obviously new to viper and just want to ask for some tips for getting in with viper. thats my main problem with her. im to bad at the this game to play tourneys and stuff so online with lag everything is in slow mo so my high/low mix up doesnt work to good. Any advice? also im on live if anybody minds showing me tech or jus bodying a fraud lol. GT: MillionUppacutZ


Don’t go all in. Playing viper right means that the opponent generally comes to you and you can counter them. Her rushdown isn’t king by any nature in this game, but it definitely isn’t the worst. Seismo game helps to make them come to you. Especially if they are avoiding you and trying to pull that Deadpool type stuff all game. Believe me seismic hammer makes getting in with viper easier because you don’t necessarily have to get in with her to make her a threat/annoying.


I’ll add you, hopefully the connection is decent and I can show you some viper tech

I am also the best online Viper since Gottnoskill quit online




Lmfao. This.


Ace being a hater as usual

btw, Ace quit the game because he’s ass

insert funny face



If anyone ants to add me for some matches, hit me up: slychivas on xbox.


Jerk :wink:


To Ace who said I never played a good Dante here is my FT10 with pr Rog


I blame the uncomfortable chair I was sitting in for losing these next sets, lol

With FChamp

With Shady K



Here’s some videos from my first local tournament I hosted. My viper display wasn’t at it’s best and we were all dropping stuff like mad from nerves, but would still appreciate any feedback or comments you guys have:


Good stuff DrewGrimey, thanks.


Hi guys, I would really appreciate some feedback on my viper play from the Road to Evo 2k12 event in Cologne last weekend. I ended up winning, but not due to my viper play. I guess my movement is still very risky with her, but do you guys have tips on what I should have done differently with her to play her more effective and not have her die so early every time?

gf starts at 35 minutes.


maybe you can try using bk feints to get yourself across the screen when zero is controlling the ground instead of tri-dashing your way over… If you got 3 meters and your recovering off a knockdown with zero on the ground, just ex tk. you can always make it safe if it doesn’t hit. also, seismo your way in more

you do have on of the better viper i’ve seen though


This is a first to 5 money match I had recently. Decent gameplay but I hit a lot of unblockables on incoming characters with the Viper/Strider combo