CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread



some more of my scrubby Viper vs Fanatiq this time FT5:


Good shit as usual Grimey. I’m not the biggest fan of Viper with only Strider as a real power assist but having Vergil 2nd with Strider last gives you basically more or less 2 anchors as long as Vergil falls down safely. I was hoping to see a Vergil TOD off a throw or something like that, but it’s cool.

Fanatiq still seems to be on his Vanilla shit popping XF1 off any moments notice. That strategy is going to get harder and harder to implement as time goes on. There’s ways to make teams so that you can just kill people easily without having to burn XF and with the new oppressive XF characters that people are putting in the back you don’t wanna be burning XF early just to seal your fate.

You were getting a lot of mileage of the Strider assist though and those rapid seismos were really hurting his assists calls. Even bopped him out of hail storm start up (I love to do that LOL).



My new video. Some basic punishes focused on FADC and H. TK. They’re pretty basic. I have many more… but that will have to wait for another video. Oh yeah and I can cancel 99% of the projectiles in the game!


Good job Gotnoskill ; )
I’ve been practicing that against dive moves like helmet breaker and so, glad you did a video showcasing the rest of the characters.
Wow that new tech in the end, awesome haha


casuals with MarlinPie


Quality. Love the shared seismo and seismo onslaught you threw at Ammy in the later rounds. I get three at best. o_O
Strider is damn near too sneaky at times.


@gottnoskill, that projectile cancelling that you were doing was legit dude.props!


Here are my matches. Winners and loser finals are near the end.

Overall I can say I got really lucky in a lot of areas. After watching myself play I definitely need to go back into the training room with Viper and relearn my resets and setups. Dropped a lot of combos and gave the opponent way too many opportunities. Couldn’t do a lot of stuff that I use to do back in the day. Mihe and Stone put me in my place even though I felt like I had some great opportunities against some unsafe things that they both attempted. Didn’t take advantage of them when I had seen them and results are as is. Their teams are unforgiving and take advantage of incoming characters to the max. Good stuff to Mihe for winning. Happy that he made it because I know he definitely wanted to go a lot more than I did and it showed.


Good stuff today… but, I need to show you Strider xf3 KILL combos.

next time you and I are online


Yeah Definitely. I need some new tech. I haven’t learned anything new with my team in a long tim with lack of training room.


how do you guys practice the staircase loop? I drop that shit after the 2nd rep of it, I feel like I have to go at doing the inputs super quick.???help


Good showing at UFO gottnoskill, I was the Viper player that didn’t do as well :C. I’m from Waco/Dallas though so we should get some games in next time I’m in Austin.


Ah yes! I remember you from CTB as well. I would have talked to more people, but I was just overwhelmed with a lot of things going on and work stuff that i literally did nothing about all weekend because of the tourney qual. Definitely come talk with me next time maybe we can get some games in.




Just like FA + Strider you can do a late advance guard and make viper whiff the Lvl 3 FA on that setup.


how do you push viper back when strider assist hits you? o.O


You don’t. You suspend yourself in the air with advance guard and the lvl 3 FA goes right under you.


oh damn, thanks for the heads up. i didn’t care much for that incoming setup anyway haha


Already had it in the description my friend.

And you can counter if by doing a “delayed” setup. The only problem about this one is that character’s with dashes and double jumps can escape because it’s not air tight once you are coming in (the same with Vajra). Characters like Vergil though, are free to the “delayed” setup.


with characters like vergil, your better off not using an assist to set up your lvl 3 fa