CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread



Just made a Viper Solo combo video that i wanted to share (1 bar, no x-factor)


i’m definitely stealing some of these, thanks :smiley:


no need to steal the gift im giving :slight_smile:
Notation is in the description now.






Solo 1 million damage combo starting with 0 bars.


I don’t know how useful this could be, but it adds a bit more damage. It can be stopped by a push block, but people don’t really look for that mid combo.


would be only corner useful right? Anyways the best resets in the game are ones where off the first frame of recovery they are already grounded. Aren’t allowed to tech. Keep fishing for new resets like that as they’re grounded. Good find. The only thing is that they can alpha counter and make the focus whiff and go for a punish if the assist allows it.


Plus if someone were to regularly use that in tournaments you could probably just get hit by the reset to escape it. As long as you’re not in the corner getting hit by the reset would be pretty much a free escape I think. That way you wouldn’t even have to worry about a push block.


Didn’t you do something similar but with cold star back in vanilla Gotnoskill?


You could always go into bk loops if they get hit by it.


I think in this particular one though you could convert off of a jam session hit by confirming the hit and dashing out of your focus. At least that is what I use to do in vanilla. So it’s a win win. Except you get crap damage after, but at that point you will kill off the character.

Yeah I did something very similar. Except it was never off a reset setup like this


Apparently it was my first video ever. Wow what a crap setup.


LOL Yeah I remember this, I’ve been watching your stuff since then ( I wonder why I never subscribed… better late than never lol ).
Actually, I started using that team because of the video xD



How’s this for a pad player bnb?


the tk knuckle feint before strider hits is it character specific(usually you go flying into the sky)? everytime ive tried this it doesnt seem to work or is this character specific


Like I said in the video, that is character specific. Most characters with 1 million health or more it works.
I’m gonna make a list of the characters that H.TK feint works after L.Seismo and share in the video description.



Having a little fun being a lab rat. Don’t know how practical it is (it definitely isn’t as impressive as some of you execution monsters’ stuff), but it’s there for anyone to dissect.




I’ve known about this for a long time, but I just started recently using it in matches and I am rocking the shit out of people 3/4 of the screen and out. I play against really good Haggar’s and beefy characters and I chip them out so much its stupid. They really have nothing going on unless I screw up. You definitely do not want to do this from 1/2 the screen in it can be very risky especially against mobile characters. One cool thing about this is that if you seismic hammer JC into Laser and the seismic hammer hits you can hitconfirm it into a level 3 from about 1/2 2/3 screen out.



my new viper concept team with spencer … gotta do my lab time with him but i actually landed a thor killer after recording go ffigure right? anyways the synergy is crazy