CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread



There is so much more you can do with B assist as a reset mechanic. I love it so much and I want people to use it more for that reason. Really push the envelope for resets with spencer B assist. It’s the best overall reset tool in the game. They cannot tech and if you can get your reset within 1-3 frames of the reset you are golden on your possibilities especially with Viper. In vanilla I played around with felicia and spencer (b) and I had a stand reset that allowed for a double overhead or you could use a low or command throw and that was in the corner. Not to mention midscreen resets with cross-ups and other mind games. I really want to see you push the envelope with that assist. I might go back to checking it out again and seeing what I can find.


Yeah I got a lil lazy towards the end of the vid… I had some of the incoming mixup opt record but my wife got a lil pissed off that mahvel was get more time than her lol…

Yeah im glad I drop marlinpies vanilla teams and made this one… Next vid will be more about mixups with both spencer and akumas assist as well as akuma combos

2 buddies of mine recommended me to use spencer b assist in the middle of vipers ground series so I will find a way to do that… Thx again all incite is appreciated



Thoughts? Trying to help out the pad players.


What pad are you using?




If you guys have any specific questions on Viper or Viper/Strider or team composition or anything related to Marvel I will be streaming for the next hour or so just practicing. I don’t have any mic to talk but if you make it into the chatroom just ask me.

Edit: Alright done.


Mad props… I tried to use that pad for fighters and I damn near wanted to body slam that shit. And u are doing viper combos on it


I know its late but im doing another practice session. If you want to talk about viper or see some otherwise unseen setups with viper/strider come check it out.


week one ultimate viper


tell me what I need to work on other than dropping shit (I really need to warm up beforehand before I’m on with her)


only thing I could point out was you working on her the hardest thing for any viper player to master which is her neutral game though the whole match you really didnt need because dude was walking right into your mix ups lol… idk why you IAD M into S after L seismo instead of IAD H into S on her day one BNB??

also you could save your EX seismo by waiting until a person push blocks your block string ending in thunder knuckle MxxS on hit which is a clear sign that they want to push buttons again…

speaking of block strings (ground series ending with thunder knuckle MxxS on hit):

it does chip damage

if they mash they will get hit (if you dont cancel properly on hit its possible to get thrown out the string)

push blocks open up ex seismo opportunities

other than that your viper was pretty clean… your dante was ass though… just kidding your tay is where I wish my dante was at execution wise…

question, are you playing viper Y assist??? Im pretty sure you know the damage potential with dante running vipers Y assist


I do M to S on her basic bnb since I can IAD with no timing and connect with it when I have to jump a certain height to connect with H to S. I played Viper in Vanilla so I still have some of the lingering remnants of her game but this like week is the first time I’ve really put time into her since ultimate dropped.

Here is some more vids to look at where I was playing better comp.



yeah I forgot about that because air m is active faster and recovers extremely fast…


Mainly Zeus you just need to get your execution down ATM. I know you said other than that…but that’s most of what Viper is. You learn things that stop people from doing shit and then you just do it at the right time. He only got away some games cuz you were dropping shit and that’s where Vipers usually end up losing when they shouldn’t lose. That will always get better with time though. When I was playing against K Beast’s Viper it was pretty much just waiting for jam session to land and stairkick looping me to my death and then unblockable/air throw frame trap on the next character. Gets pretty autopilot good once you get that down.

Viper’s neutral is mostly execution based. Once you get it down you just cover a shit ton of situations. H thunder knuckle feints are about the only other thing you’ll NEED to learn for your neutral. It’s imperative to deal with rushdown when you’re low on meter. It’s the only fast move you have with range that has priority and sets up combos. Especially good if you focus first then do it. Holding onto focus and mashing on throw or throw/H thunder feint OS is a good close range durp beater.

There were situations where I wasn’t sure why you were holding onto like 3 meters with Viper. He would be sitting there poking you with like c.L of all things while you were sitting on 3 EX seismos which is pretty much a death wish vs. Viper. In general the bigger issue was the guy you were fighting against wasn’t that scary and I’m not even sure if he knows Dante has Stinger. He could have given you a lot more run for your money if he ran stinger to force you to think more about your projectiles, but he was pretty much standard air dash, c.L Dante.

Otherwise as you learn to hit confirm off Jam Session the rest will come pretty naturally. Only other thing you could really use is some H thunder knuckle feints in your neutral. 6 frame start up special that goes into stairkick loop on hit. I’m trying to use it more myself once I get stairkick stuff down. Your Dante and Strider seem pretty set though.


My execution is fine. I can do ALL of the shit you mentioned, staircase, h knuckle feints, rapid seismos, etc. It was like my first matches of the day and Viper is like a melee character in like I actually have to warm up to play her. Thats why I said no shit about execution. I do need to focus more though. I tried that focus to H knuckled shit and its not hard at all and leads to death so death gonna abuse that. Yeah dude I played is pretty bad but you could look at the other vids I linked for better comp.

This is like week one for realzies ultimate viper btw. I used to main her for like six months in Vanilla but got lured over to the dark side of wolverine. I think by the next major I go to she’ll be ready. And yeah stair cases off of jam session is the sex.


I think work on you Viper’s movement especially her aerial movement such as using her BK feints for air mobility and also H, bk feint, H, BK feint, H, repeat .OS throws as well, hit confirms, work on using her seismos and eye laser in the neutral.

I also noticed you did he EC hyper into dante’s gun super then XF… Remember you can DHC out of the first two hits of her hyper into Dante’s DT while the opponent is still grounded and get a full combo

Also, didn’t really check but make sure your combos are 100% optimized!!! This is important especially for your team because you wanna make sure you kill with Viper (not a DHC to Dante) or else you will not be able to set up an unblockable on the incoming character


so whats optimal? I’ve been able to get 920k solo with her. can you do better?


one million starting from zero bar that uses 2 bars (builds 2 in the combo) if your getting 920k with viper then your good because the DHC will take care of all the bigs


that was off of

M,H, Mknuckle, H, Mknuckle, M,H,Mknuckle,Hknuckle, Stepkick x 3, air series, assist extension. whats this two bar combo since I wouldn’t mind not dhcing ever.


That sounds about right… my optimal vergil/strider combo gets me like 940k, but it doesn’t matter so much for my team since I can dhc to vergil and bring Viper in fast enough for a unblockable set-up


not sure if you guys have seen this yet, but might as well post it!