CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread



Yeah it only works in the corner. You can make it work outside but you have to do a SJF tiger knee burning kick.


Yeah a lot of these optimized one meter, no assist combos require the corner and shit.


It’s nice to see you continuing with the trend of picking top tier, I’m sure the time you invest in Viper will be worth it.

Here are some things I noticed:

You don’t use medium or heavy seismo enough, thanks to how JCs work they practically have 0 frames recovery in how you should use them, thus unless there’s a reason not to, there should be one on the screen at all times. Remember you’re one of the only characters that can keep Dante from getting an air play on the screen and take advantage of it.

You have some nice execution, especially for playing the character such a short time. For people who are more gifted in execution I highly recommend learning to Viper ball, it lets you hit confirm into a dead character with those 2 assists from a max distance fierce seismic hammer.

Since you seem to be more offense oriented, mix in some 9A+Jam session xx 214A~S, 2A+B A to get the cross up overhead with Jam session to confirm either hit or block string for dumb amounts of meter. Since they can’t really advance guard jam session in this case you get access to 2/3 of a meter with rapid seismos and fierce TK feints which build tons of meter and do lots of chip during lock down.

With Vajra more double seismo + vajra dash in hit confirm seismo it lets you kill characters from more situations.

At 6:48 you got a really good hit confirm off of Jam Session, but when you knocked down you did an EX seismo. You can do Summon vajra, 623C xx 62369C, 19, 3A+B, A+B, 623A. (burst time if you want to get Dante in, double seismo into super jump combo if they’re almost dead.)

Nice use of burn kick feints, but there are a lot of situations in the air where you just let yourself recover normally. Light BKF has 5 frames until you can act, it’s more efficient than letting any move she has recover and is especially worth it when you did a jumping heavy.

As others have mentioned, don’t do air dash B, S, air dash C, S does more damage and is better in pretty much every way.

If someone raw Maximum Weskers against you while you’re on the ground you can always EX seismo, you got happy B-dayed in situations where you could have just killed Wesker. If you’re confident in your timing fierce thunderknuckle feint will do the job gaugeless but is slightly harder to time properly.

XF 3 Dante you had a lot of chances to force Kevin to burn X-factor or lose to chip. With 5 meters stocked there’s very little reason not to activate DT and Thunderbolt his Dante and Wesker to death, you’d still have 5 meters and your XF time, but you took risks instead of just killing those 2.

9:26, take the Tasty Lumpia advice and practice your mashing to make sure you kill on either the last regular bullet or the big bullet from Million Dollars, it will always give you a better mix up as you know.

Also, your ability to get a hit withair B is really good, though you’re not hit confirming into double jump C xx 236A when they’re too high and that’s costing you some potential dead characters.

Laser then rapid seismo will body those Trish calls that your enemy is doing, he’s summoning her at times that Dante doesn’t have a good method to protect her. Kill any character people are summoning so recklessly.

More burn kick feints when someone tries to super a seismo, you SJCd a lot then started an air dash or something into the hyper. If you just input a bkf early you’ll go over the top and be able to potentially punish Trish.

If a Trish ever raw traps double seismo, super jump C, double jump C, S xx 214S is a very easy punish from a lot of positions on the screen, that Trish wasn’t respecting you enough.

If Wesker Maximum Weskers that low below you while you’re in the air your most reliable hitbox to kill it is EX burn kick even fainted as it puts the hitbox below you and that hit box soft knock downs.


I hope this was helpful for ya! ^.^


#524 gonna stream some practice for a little bit if interested.


what the hell is a viper ball


A theory move that no one has ever seen in a real match


Yeah I just can’t be bothered to learn that right now. I don’t see the long term profit when Viper does a good enough job sitting on her ass shooting shit all over the screen and waiting for an assist to fall down on the opponent. I’m sure it might have some funky uses in some matchups where the opponent can shoot shit faster than Viper like Joe or Hawkeye…but yeah.

I remember reading the Viper forums during early Vanilla and seeing the hype around the video. It just kinda fell off after that.


Viper Ball is if you super jump forward and burn kick feint just as you leave the ground, it’s like an air dash forward you can block during and only used up 1 special for air resources (So you still have double jump/air dash and 2 specials.) if you use EX burn kick it goes full screen ish, but using it with heavy burn kick lets you cross up from super far away. It’s an amazing tool but hard to get consistent at least for me.

It makes it so you can transition from zoning to pressure with frame advantage on advancing guard from the enemy in more situations, it’s really strong.


Drew Grimey vs Honzo Gonzo in a FT15, it’s online but still interesting

Also that thumbnail is godlike, do you even lift?



Early morning casual session vs. my bro. Viper vs. Zero is the funz. Still need to work on my theory Viper vs. the rushdown but once I get space I can get going usually.


Play a mix of chill and electric music and some random shit inbetween.



[media=youtube]15rQMxVxYvY[/media] <<<< 2nd favorite


[media=youtube]OtCKsydsSD0[/media] <<<< My favorite









Tips, feeback appreciated.

Trying to incorporated the seismo laser zoning and seismo fadc seismo stuff into my game more. I feel like once I get it completely down I can make Viper pretty hard to approach or even shoot back at for quite a bit of the cast. Which even then I really think I just need to work on my movement during it all also to help with that. Movement is the biggest key in this game any way.

Zero’s short little body and durability on buster blowed up my Viper a bit, but looking to pick up more stuff in the neutral to work around that. I think it’s really just a combination of what I’m already doing plus better movement during it.


A few things i’ve noticed already and a few matchup tips I’m going to explain. (Can’t watch the whole video otherwise i would… or maybe i can at work I’ll post some more when im there.)

  1. When you superjump in the air I see a bit of tri-dash backwards. I’ve learned a long time ago just to not do this at all. Not specifically against your brother because he has little answers to it with the characters hes using, but in general characters like wolverine/vergil/dante and anyone with a good normal can wreck you so hard before you hit the ground. It’s not necessarily a read on their part but if they happen to be attacking on the ground or doing a random beserker slash you will get hit by it 100% of the time no matter what normal you put out there. I think tri-dash backwards is horrible anyways. You rarely gain the space you want to keep your opponent away and when you land they’re closer to you than ever in some cases. I’ve never realized this but I guess backdash is my only source of creating space and its safer and you can seismic hammer off of it at anytime/SJ ect.

  2. Midscreen you should rarely ever do focus attack unblockable incoming mix-ups. You have a way better chance at a safe left/right mixup. Before they come in simply call strider. SJ forward and let strider choose what side they get hit on. You can do it earlier sometimes and when they think they have to block cross-up tri-dash backwards over them (I know i was just telling you not too). Believe me this mix-up is a complete mind-fuck the first 50 times you see it because the SJ camera angle and vajra just look weird on the incoming mix-up.

  3. I believe Zero’s downfall in the viper match-up is staying on the ground. If zero stays in the air its rough all day. If he tries doing frame-traps with buster into dash cr.M or whatever just ex.TK his ass. The opponent is basically giving you a free kill when Zero is on the ground where Viper wants him.

  4. Learn new blockstrings with Strider. There is way too much ABC teleport behind them. Its a great thing in X-factor but there are launchers and normals that can rock his world if they just happen to see you teleport. Try dashing in with a cr.L into a tick-throw. If you do it too early it will OS into a f+H and strider can’t be thrown out of it for some reason. His cr.l I personally think is the best in this game. take advantage of it. When you mash it it isn’t even a block string! Frame-trap rapid fire. also I would also mash cr.L for the first blockstring to see when they advance guard if any. This will give you a good idea where to take your next block string. If they advance guard on the 3rd one then you can likely dash on the 3rd cr.L on your next blockstring or simply stagger your cr.L so that when they advance guard a cr.M or cr.H comes out and you get a frame-trap. If they dont advanceguard its likely they’re waiting for a teleport to throw you or counter you, or they’re trying to mash a high-priority move.

  5. If you FADC from an EX-seismo you can convert off of any EX.seismo hit.

  6. I think I had seen you do a blockstring earlier with cr.M cr.H L.seismo into a SJ tri-dash to continue the pressure and you were thrown as soon as you tri-dashed. Seismic hammer into any sj tridash is extremely unsafe without an assist. If they just mash a H or launcher you’re screwed.

Just a few things. If I get time I will try and watch the rest of this and give you specific tips on specific timestamps on what to do.


And I will be streaming for an hour or so practicing a few last things for Absolute Battle. I leave in the morning to goto Dallas.

Edit: Done broadcasting.

Worked on resets character specific punishes and Vergil sword punishes.




@DJ: Another note at the start of the round against zero you should be trying to grab him or start the offense. If it doesn’t work start your zoning game. A good Zero needs space and time to setup his stuff so if you can take advantage at the start of the round great.

Is there a reason you do focus attack after every seismic hammer? I could understand at midscreen but full screen it just doesnt seem effective. I know that its an easy way to frame trap but your brother was so ready to sitback and wait for that Laser to come out and then throw a level 3 buster for free damage. I noticed a lot of the matches didn’t really start until that buster hit you and then your brother would come in with zero and try stuff. I just hate using laser against a grounded zero. It really serves no purpose for the most part and if he crouches as you use it midscreen then during recovery he can dash st.M into full combo unless you’re willing to defend yourself with an EX.move. Instead of being corner to corner with the early game try moving into 3/4 range to pressure him with seismic hammers. Atleast that way when he pushblocks or blocks hes getting pushed back and taking chip damage. When you move him to the corner he has to find a way out and with missiles you can really get on his nerves.


Mainly for practicing zoning against characters that have less options to deal with it. I’m working on focusing after every seismo simply because it allows you to do more in theory than just jumping after all of them. Being able to hold focus and then dash back or forward afterwards helps will help with a lot of teleport shenanigans and help her get through certain types of zoning even if you take a little bit of health to do it. Just some stuff I’m working on ATM. I can basically focus dash while having laser charged at all times with what I’m trying to do.

Yeah in a tournament I usually just go HAM against Zero because the start of the round basically puts him where he likes to be any way. Just trying out different stuff that I think will work pretty good against other characters once I get it down. I got some accidentally EX thunder knuckles trying to do it too fast, but if I can figure out what is negative edging the EX knuckle then I should be straight.

In a tournament match I would probably just jump over or focus dash through the buster.


Some videos of me playing in a our Kansas City local, gets some out of towners from STL and Omaha usually. Would love any tips and input. I felt like I was playing well at the time but it looks quite sloppy after watching the vids. Dropped a ton of stuff. Dem tourney jitters, man.

vs Rexor (Mag/Wolv/Sent) at 3:45 and vs Focra at 24:30 (MODOK/Dorm/Doom)

vs Dekline (Dante/Trish/Vergil) at 1:40

Won the first two and lost the last. Was kind of a heart breaker watching it over again because I could just count the times I left the set on the table from drops and bad decisions, ugh.




some vids from last weeks sessions. critique as usually. month 1 viper. second vid is more recent tho.

#538 streaming practice of viper infinites and new team and maybe some new characters.

Come chat with me. Give me ideas concepts ect.

Edit: Gotta restart computer.

Edit: K back.


Main thing I notice is you trying to Focus Attack incoming characters but getting punished for it, more so in the first video so you may have learned. Something to work on.


a straight up TOD is optimal


needless to say Im going back to playing this team when I play viper period… the only thing that sucks is the meter gain sadly

also I got a guard break vid for you as well