CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread





It was either do a stream or create a video tonight. Decided to make a video



[media=youtube]VgwXzhvUxrE[/media] How’s this this tutorial? I’m trying to help pad players as much as possible as well as viper players in general


I dont know if anyone else figured out the hard tag into strange after ex thunder knuckle so here it is


Running stream and practicing Chun Li combos. If anyone has any viper questions or tech i’ll be happy to switch over to her and test them out or demonstrate.


Thanks for the combos! I’ll definitely try learning (all of) these :stuck_out_tongue:


Day after surgery + Vicodin + Stream = ?!

Practice session.

Edit: Ending session.


If you are done watching that atrocity that is Patriots vs. Texans

Here is something else to watch.

Practice session starting 8:4pm Central AKA now.


Think I need to find another way to say I’m streaming. I keep spamming the dead video thread.

Practice and messing around.


Me and a good friend who picked up marvel a couple months ago will be doing matches if you want to watch.

I gots fucked up last night so hungover.

Edit: Finished games. Thanks for JerryTooBad for coming over. I’ll still be streaming practice.





Extrumentals you can use that little jump kick feint in x-factor combos and its pretty consistent and adds pretty good damage. But in regular combos its easier just getting an extra Box-dash rep.



Would that be an infinite in x-factor? I have to test that now…


Doing some casual training with PozerWolf come check it out!


you should use ironmans beam for relaunch.

#556 Sorry for this being so late. Had a busy day.

#557 come watch if you want

#558 come watch if you want



Meterless 860k.

Please sub and like too :slight_smile:


Meterless as well as assistless

Meterless, 2 assist, 2+ meters gained