CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread



Yeah, I tend to go for consistency over a few extra damage points, that’s why I feel like I drop much less combos than other viper players, but that’s not saying I don’t know how to do the harder stuff… I got Vergil!


Yo @DrewGrimey, what do you think of viper/dante/strider with weasel shot? I’ve been playing Jill/Dante/Strider but my viper is proficient too, so I figured I wanna stick him in there as well as magnus/dante/strider.


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Yo @DrewGrimey, what do you think of viper/dante/strider with weasel shot? I’ve been playing Jill/Dante/Strider but my viper is proficient too, so I figured I wanna stick him in there as well as magnus/dante/strider.

Weasel shot is a great assist for viper, lets her do a relaunch or add an extra tk at the beginning of her combo, provides lock down and decent horizontal support and also another thing that people don’t mention about weasel shot is that Dante is in the air so it makes him a harder target for happy birthdays.

Is it better than Jam session? I doubt it is since jam sesh makes youre unblockable set ups much easier, but with Vajra you can get it on most of the cast with very tight timing


Ok, now I’m officially at a true 3rd character crisis and I need some help with this. Thus far I’ve went through Ryu,Thor,Hsien Ko, Doom, Cap, Skrull, Dante, Trish, Strider and I’m forgetting 2 others. I don’t know if they just don’t feel right with Tony and Viper or I just like to use someone else but regardless…I need to have a standard team. Not sure what to do here, but I also think my curiousity for characters is distorting my decision. Example: Today I hit the lab with Jill, for what reason? I like the fact that she has a higher lvl of execution needed to play her…idk what I should do here.


Oh yeah:

Think there anything else I can get out of this?


i do it off viper’s seismo assist, into rolling hook into charge S into tag, so you can get it off anything


Made this video for fun, thought some other Viper players might be interested in trying it.


Smh Chaz lol


Well I thought it was a fun idea T_T


I’m sure this already made the rounds here by now, but just so I know that I posted it, here ya go. Fiddling with that weirdo dead body glitch.


Has anyone messed around with this? I’m curious if you can just Focus into Siesmos/TK’s or just FADC into full combos…


I’m trying to get the same damage but without having to do c.H~L.TK, I can confirm alot more consistently with c.M~L.TK but the damage output for one meter won’t hit the 1 mil. mark, I need DAT MIL! Assistance, thoughts, opinions?

And also the motivation behind the combo is to be meter efficient, I don’t confirm it from a ADD~Light or Heavy because I want a combo that confirms from a crouching state. Thats usually where I get my hits in on a punish. So the intention is to get that crouching hit from a punish and convert it to a kill from 0 meter. I intentionally don’t use any standing normals or Medium Thunder Knuckles as these have tendency to whiff, I’m trying to become optimal and efficient. I’m still a scrub tho!



That song brings back memories


Casual session vs. bro. Tips, comments etc.


^ I enjoyed those matches! Your Viper seems pretty unique with the constant add~j.L stuff, ha - that works out pretty well for you! I liked your fadc’d seismo’s a lot especially when you started mixing in plink dashes with them, it made your neutral look really in control.

You didn’t convert any of your incoming jam sessions when jam session hits - I guess that’s one easy thing to work on that can make a big difference. (seemed like your bro didn’t respect that incoming - he totally took the jam session hit on incoming not caring what would follow)

You bro’s team is awesome, too - if he switched Jill for Strange he’d have the coolest theme team in the game. But his Jill is really enjoyable to watch - she’s such a bitch to try and play movement-wise imo, he had some good shit. That TAC inf he pulled looks super cool and obnoxious, lol - that makes me want to play her just for that.

Funny note - you guys seem surprisingly calm for playing Mahvel casuals. Whenever me and my buddies play we’re always complaining, groaning and talking shit to each other.


I wanted to see more seismo cancels before FADC to really pile that chip on! I know this will just take practice but you can actually seismo FADC to a speed that between each seismic hammer they have maybe 3-6 frames to do anything out of block stun its a really good frame trap to get a bit of damage.

I was wondering why your combos seemed so short with viper. I saw a few instances where you could have added some beefy damage to her solo combos you did.

I do like the different style with a lot of down dash j.L’s and down dash into lows on crossup.

Less EX.TK! more EX.SH! I know you could potentially get a happy birthday with EX.TK but your brother obviously knows and blocks a significant portion of them. He doesn’t seem the one to take chances when he has an assist to cover him because he knows you have those tools

A really easy way to convert on all EX.SH is to FADC it. They fall you get an easy st.M st.H S xx Seismo convert.


Only reason I’m placing this here is some people use Burn Kick assist with Dante. I picked up Dante a day ago on my team in an almost last ditch effort for keeping Strider assist. If this fails I’ll probably move over to Vergil, but I’m gonna give Dante a good run. Anyways Today I was messing around and came up with a lot of fun stuff you can do to get some good damage off of burning kick assist. Don’t know how much these have been explored at all, but I felt like making a video out of it. So here!

(FYI Video will take a couple hours to finish uploading. Trying a different format and its a huge file.)


Yeah her j.L and j.H are her best aerial hit boxes and the range on the j.L especially is really underrated. You can use ADD j.L’s as a quick spacing tool to back people up or scare them into taking a combo while you get back space to call an assist etc. It’s really easy to make it cross up during assists especially ones like jam session where they can pushed into it on a cross up. I like dashing in front of the opponent after a jam session hit so they stay close and set up a mix up into damage that way also. Eventually I’d like add in some viper ball stuff for some extra overhead and low cross up techniques.

Yeah I’ll have to work on the jam session stuff. I’m used to using Strider assist still where they just kinda pop into the Strider assist and then you OTG for easy damage. I prefer what you can potentially do with jam session if they block especially when it comes to just using straight mix ups, but I haven’t really practiced jumping up afterwards on a hit and what to do XF wise afterwards. Once I get Morrigan’s TAC infinite down (which should be pretty soon) I can always do that also.

Yeah I like his team also. It’s a nice take on Angelic’s team and I feel is one of the best assists for both Jill and Dorm. Jill is great at crossing up behind you and mystic ray is the only assist in the game that forces you to take a left/right mix up no matter what distance horizontally or vertically you are away from the opponent. Dorm has strong DHC, THC and TAC tech for extending her damage and setting up lockdown mix ups on incoming. Also has piss easy infinite if Dorm lands a hit while she is still alive too.

Yeah normally he plays Zero/Felicia or Captain America/Ammy so I’m normally used to bitching about Zero. I feel I play a better team now for fighting Zero since both Viper and Morri with meter can pose a big threat to him. It’s just he wanted to play his new team so I went with it. It can be nerve racking playing Jill also because she has her own invincibility she can throw around during feral crouches into somersault kicks that can go through the invincibility of EX seismo and knuckle. Viper’s EX moves lose out to more things than people give her credit for so it’s interesting to try and add it all in against her options. We would maybe slam our hands on the buttons sometimes, but that’s usually it. LOL. I don’t mind cheap stuff any ways cuz I’m used to cheap games any ways.

Yeah my combos are probably a bit short since I just like that the confirm I’m using works well on people that are crouching. I’ve tried other stuff I’ve seen in vids or notated and it always drops on shorter characters like Morri when they are crouching. Against small characters like them I still have to change the bnb I’m doing any ways. Looking for something big damage that works on everyone crouching.

Yeah I should use EX seismo more, but it’s really not a huge deal for me since I have meter assist any ways. I would probably use more EX seismo if I didn’t have one, but with one I can kinda double myself on going through projectiles and then busting out EX seismo if I feel an attack is coming.


New DrewGrimey stuffs

I play the exact same team now, so these helped out a lot.