CIA Surveillance: C.Viper Video Thread


i plaY at 12; 41






i stream at 43;00


Ill leave this here.


I play for the first 20 minutes, feedback welcome


new team


online viper struggle.

still fun though.


Hey fellas can I get some feedback on the link I posted, its a FT7. The footage is a little dated now (I think I’ve leveled up more) But I would still appreciate the feedback and opinions of other Viper’s


Here it is again


I made this guide just as an updated basic overview of Vipers options. Contains ideals for pad warrior specifics as well as a general overview.


took me forever to learn this confirm, still only getting it like 2/10 tries. Who needs extra buttons?



this version is easier cause you use EX Seismo instead of RAW S, still hard as fuck tho

What extra buttons?



A thought to make my Viper like Magnus a bit.

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That is hella stylish.