Cicada's Shoeboxes -- PS3/PC w/ Cthulu -- no orders 'til June, current stock avail

I’m always amazed at how clean all these builders’ sticks look. Judging by any past arts-n’-crafts type endeavours I’ve undertaken, I’m certain that any stick I made would be a savage mess and not much more.

Looks good for a first couple few sticks. Can’t wait to see more!

i’m not terribly handy either, but it’s a lot easier than it looks, at least, for basic designs. I want to get into more creative stuff…

problem is, i’m not very creative. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever you get more MDF, I’d totally be interested in an empty pre-painted case.

I might be building more this weekend. I still have the pink and 2 primer’ed ones [the original design w/o artwork] available if you’re interested [i just have to put the legs on and cut a bottom panel for it.]

i may be building more sticks with the plexi tops soon. Gotta finish up my own first :slight_smile:

its $45 for a case with a flat top (like the pink one in the pictures), and $50 for a case thats “more conducive to art” correct?

I’m totally interested, just not the pink one. not cause i’m afraid people will call me a sissy-boy, but cause I just don’t like pink. Just let me know how much and when do I paypal you.

That stick is so retardedly cute on so many levels.

I want it. D:

ill send u a PM over the weekend once I put in the legs and the bottom on the primer’ed sticks.

the shoebox style boxes like the keroppi one are more expensive because the plexi/lexan adds a little extra cost and labor

$45 is for the “prototypes” that I built. the cost goes up after those are sold. from then it would probably be $50 for a blank case w/o art, and probably around $70ish for a case with plexi/lexan for art.

Hotness… Thanks!

This is interresting. Really. INTERRESTING.

I want to buy one of these, but i’ll wait for more.

Nice shit. :tup:

I’ll buy one for sure, I just need to know what sort of PCBs you work with.

I need one for PS3 and 360.

Stick isnt a problem, since I’d put in my own seimitsus. And do you work with clear buttons? IE, the art in the buttons?

as of right now; i’m only making the cases.

you would add your own artwork, components and PCB – it’s easy to do the art in the buttons with the seimitsus.

as for the stick, im not sure how japanese sticks mount, but my cases are designed for happ sticks, and mount through the bottom with 3/4" wood screws, so there aren’t any holes in the top or in the plexi. [they dont penetrate the 1/2" top, but have more than enough “grab” to securely mount the stick]

So far i’ve built 3 sticks for myself, with 2 more on the way [also for myself]. I’ve only ever used the Cthulu boards since i only have a PS3.

bump; the original 3 (2 primer, 1 pink) are stocked and ready to ship as early as this Saturday.

hmmm…i wouldnt mount the happ stick from the bottom. what if in the long run the owner of the box/case youre selling to decides to switch out joysticks, say like back and forth between comp, IL, or p360 sticks. if they do it often enough, the screw holes gets lose overtime, and they have no other way to mount it. it’ better to have the bolts and nuts, just counter sink the top and and it wont be exposed . just a thought.

if i ever get there, i’d just drill out the holes and mount it like that.

however, i don’t see myself ever changing sticks, or certainly not often enough for that to happen [though, you’re right it would only take 1 or 2 changes to blow out the holes]

at the very least, mounting it from the bottom is OK for now, and if they change so often as to wear out the screw holes, new holes can always be drilled to accommodate that setup.

Mounting it from the top, even when countersinking the carrier bolts, presents problems with mounting the plexiglass and having it sit flush with the top of the case. it’s kinda hard to countersink something with a rounded top/higher profile, like a bolt in such thin MDF, so doing that might also be sacrificing some strength at hte mounting points.

If I ordered a case without plexiglass, could I get bolt holes drilled?

sure; i have the pink one and one primer’ed one left. let me know. I can drill bolt holes for the happ sticks.

I also just built this one; i may sell it if i don’t use it.

Cool, I meant as if I buy a case from you in the future as the current ones don’t have the necessary buttonholes for me (navigating menus and such), and I don’t paint.