Ciel's randomness


I posted here as I would like to get some feedback on how to improve as very few people on dA seem to do anything more than shower you with either praise or flames anymore.


Francys, SRK has rules on no nudity – drawn, artistic or otherwise. I’ve deleted your images and I’m giving you a warning: do not post NSFW images.

You’re more than welcome to post your other art. In fact, please do.

Some critiques:
anatomy is one of the essential building blocks of drawing. I notice that you have a rough idea of what muscles should look like and how they come together, but to move to the next level you should use some reference pics and study how they overlap. It’s something that comes with study and practice. references for artists&pbx=1&oq=anatomy refer&aq=2&aqi=g4&aql=1&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=0l0l1l112l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0ll0l0&fp=1&biw=1440&bih=785&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&cad=b

I’m still working on anatomy myself. Good luck!

edit: here is a pic that Landel (he used to post here) shared with me when critiquing my work. I found it to be a useful ref, so I’m sharing it with you. Credit goes to Landel.


Thanks for the advice. Gyeh I’m feeling like I’ve made so little progress (I’ve been sketching a little over a month).

I’m struggling majorly with thighs. I really don’t know what it is, but I just can’t seem to get to grips with how they attach on. Especially from the back at an angle x_x

and necks. Neck width to head proportion seems to completely elude me.


So I started resketching my first ever tablet drawing;


quick sketchover. I’m not the best at anatomy, but I can see some similar mistakes I used to make.
[]The deltoids (the muscle on the shoulder) overlap the socket joints that connect the arm to the torso
]The chest muscles (pectorals) will stretch in such a pose – hence the more triangular look for the chest muscles
[*]Muscles can be tensed (contracted) or relaxed. When tensed, they will bulge up somewhat. If relaxed, they are less noticeable. This is most obvious when you flex a bicep. The same principle applies to the rest of your body.


Ahh your sketchup is so much better than mine, I almost don’t want to finish mine now ;_;

Thanks for the tips though.


I think vega should be taller stretch him out


Just a quick post. It’s been 4 months since I first picked up a pencil since high school (I only used to do technical sketches then, blueprints and build-design etc. so the human form is a bit…weird to me XD)

NOTE: I really don’t know what exactly consistutes as “Nudity” on this site anymore. Since I always thought that shirtless males were acceptable =/ If men can go shirtless outside in the summer, I don’t see how it’s unacceptable.
** If I am wrong however. Feel free to yell at me again.**

Flexibleness @w@ …That…suddenly turned into Vega.


Ehhhh. 30 minute sketches.

I don’t understand mecha proportions…EVAAAAAAR!


I’ve got to stop modding from work XD

Shirtless is fine – it’s the nether regions that are the problem. Would seriously appreciate if you cropped the pics a little higher up (waistline is good – right now the pics are being cropped just short of the, uh, dangly bits). I would like my sys admin to give me the benefit of the doubt that I’m not surfing the web looking for artworks of nearly nekkid men.

Some of your lower torsos look a tad too long. There’s noticeable improvement from what I recall of your pics, though :slight_smile:
Do you use references, Francys? Might be a good thing to incorporate if you’re serious about this.


I use some references, but not always humans xD some are other art styles that I really like (such as Hideaki, she’s a fantastic Bison/Geese artist) and her torso’s are quite long, so that’s probably where it all started going that way. I’m just quite possibly overdoing it XD.

I did draw something else recently, it’s safe for work but I’m pretty sure literally no one like my pairing at all.



Oh and because the SF x T trailer made me hype, scribbled this in about an hour;


It’s very clean, I’ll give you that.

The one with bison and the SNK dude is illustrated nicely, but the feet sizes are all over the place, bison’s right arm looks too long, and both heir right hands are massive.


the SNK one isn’t mine anyway XD I was giving an example of people I’ve been using.

Ehh, it’s not my cleanest of sketches. I’ve been getting used to a new tablet (pen shape is all different so my hand is like “How does I hold :X”)
I adjusted that hand size for Bison loads. When I first drew it, I was like "lol it’s like, the size of his pectoral and then some."
It still kinda is, but it’s nowhere near as bad XD


I need to decide on a signature. It’s changed like 4 freaking times now x_x

Testing my perspective/body twisting hahaha.


Here we go again~


Bluh bluh bluh lipservicelipservice I like drawing Bison too much.


His abs are flat in the first pic :frowning:


Which pic? I’m still getting to grips with shading, especially through clothes x_x I’m not really allowed to post nude-y stuff here which is where I’m used to shading. I have no idea how to shade anything that isn’t skin.


Trying something new.
Digital b&w to work on the values by eyes have trouble seeing differences between (lolEyezAreBrokenz)

I butchered Daenarys’ (SP?) face so hard D: Surprised myself with the dragon though, no reference, wew!

And now, Pencils. I realize if I ever want to do Cel-shade, I’m just gonna have to pencil sketch > PC. Struggle so hard to get clean lines in digital.