Cigarette Company Told To Pay $23.6 Billion to Wife of Cancer Victim


I don’t think the banks that caused the financial crises were charged this much, and to one individual, WTF

I’m all for justice but this is absolutely absurd $23.6 Billion should be spread out to all those suing, not to one person.


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They’ll appeal appeal and appeal. She probably won’t see a dime of it. They’d rather spend that 23.6 billion on lawyers than payoffs.


Aren’t all tobacco products stamped with the health warning label? I believe that’s enough to inform somebody that smoking has ill effects on his or her health.

It’s no one but that dumbass’s fault he was smoking three packs a day.


without properly informing…what the fuck, man… who in any regular, 1st world country doesn’t know that cigarettes/tobacco is bad for you?! It’s not like this is the 1940s anymore with various celebs making it look “cool” in movies, Jesus H. Christ. It’s 2014…how does one not know that it’s a terrible habit? Fuck 'em all at this point… the “Big Tobacco” companies really shouldn’t have to pay a goddamn cent. Everyone should know that it’s bad…yet they do it anyway… and amazingly, they are surprised and upset with the results…and then go on to sue, of course. Morons… it’s like watching a kid that’s 11 years old now and STILL puts his hand on the hot stove every day, despite Mommy and Daddy telling his stupid fucking ass thousands of times ever since he was 4.


Those warning labels weren’t placed on cigarettes until 1966. How old was her husband when he started smoking?


He was 36 when he died in 1996. So he was born in 1960, but didnt start smoking until he was 13 in 1973, and chain smoked all the way through up until it was time to die. So basically it was his own dumb ass fault. The verdict will get appealed, because quite frankly its fairly ridiculous in amount awarded at the very least.

The jury awarded her all that money for what reason, i dont know. He smoked kool cigarettes too. Not like it was some weird off brand shit that didnt put a label on their cigs until the 90s or some shit(impossible, but just sayin).


Good job Florida. Considering that tort reform is something that bones the hell out of citizens tying the court’s hands in awarding proper settlements, you go and give lobbyist all the ammunition they need so that when they pay politicians, they can cite your shitty state as a reason why suing companies is apparently leading to the downfall of our economy.


They are, I believe some cigarette packs even show pictures of peoples teeth and lungs of those who smoked a lot and it’s nasty as hell, but they still smoke anyway :coffee:


good, that bitch doesn’t deserve a dime. It’s been established since the 60’s that tobacco is bad for you.


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That lady who sued McDonald’s over the hot coffee not having a hot warning after he got burned opened the flood gates. They should have sued for a few hundred thousand, maybe a million at most but 23 billion?



Even a videogame set in 1964 addresses that shit:

Snake it doesn’t matter if you’re smoking a damn cigar. Listen to Para Medic you stubborn fool.


Bitch wont see a penny of it. That company will spend 23.6 Billion on the best defense attorney’s and appeal until she is in financial ruin from court costs. They will bully her out of the court room and never have to pay. Normally that shit disgusts me, but so does this verdict. Absolutely unnecessary. Smoking is like eating fast food. You know it’s really bad for you. If you continue to do it, and bad things happen medically, you only have yourself to blame. You cannot point the finger at anybody but you. Feigning ignorance for a payday is fucking absurd.


Stuff that is harmful to people should be illegal in the first place.

That is after all the basis for why recreational drugs are illegal, right? That is the basis for why I can’t self medicate even if I know what I’m doing unless I’m a doctor, right?

So why is it legal to put a clear poison on the market? I would love to sell meth legally, or any number of other things I could probably invent to give people a high. But it’s illegal for me.

At the least, if you sell these products, you can be liable to someone. Why do you peons cheer for these big companies to be above the law? There is absolutely zero justifiable reason for why cigarettes are legal but marijuana isn’t, outside of “because Big Tobacco pays off politicians who then use the power of the state to enforce criminal penalties on other stimulants that makers don’t pay Congress off.”

Make it all legal, or stfu.


So should we go back to prohibition?

The thing about cigerettes is they aren’t just tobacco and paper. There’s all types of added shit in there as you can see here about 600

Most of the garbage is just plain poison when taken in the body. I feel its a joke they are only made to say they are dangerous considering how much shit is really in them. Just like food and drinks they should be forced to label all the ingredients and amounts on the label regardless of how long that would be. If its against the law for a company to lie about what’s on a food label it should be illegal for tobacco companies to not put what’s in cigs althogether

But then again big tobacco has one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the country and no politican is going to say shit to them just like they never get to far outta line with the NRA


McDonalds food is more harmful than any drug.


what drugs are you smoking bro?


I think part of it is because Alcohol and Tobacco have to be used in excess for a considerably long amount of time before serious medical conditions arise. Where as other drugs start causing problems very soon after the first few uses, if they dont kill you before then. It’s viewed as a less serious problem. Though tobacco should be straight up illegal IMO. Most people have to force themselves into using it, and then they become addicted. It doesnt do anything for you but provide the fix that you need, but if you never started in the first place you wouldnt need it at all. Much less have any kind of use for it. Alcohol on the otherhand, is pretty much innocent provided you dont become an alcoholic. It is the least addicting as long as you dont have a dude bro mentality like “Hey bro! Im gonna drink this entire keg before the night is over!”. Maybe it’s just my own bias because I’m a natural heavy weight. It takes a lot to have any effect on me. It seems as though if you dont drink on a daily basis, or binge drink in regular increments, youll be fine.

I kinda got off track, but the tobacco industry was built before people really gave a shit about personal health, and the negative effects of things that you take in. Now that people care, it will take a long time before it can be torn down, but I see it happening after my generation is 6 feet under. They’ve already taken hits with nicotine addictions being less tolerated in public such as not being able to smoke in a restaurant, in bars, and you cant even work in a hospital and some other places at all. After a few more strikes, the rest will be a gradual break down.