Cigarette Money Tournament


Hey SRK,

I recently quit smoking to switch to vape and I’ve noticed a pretty penny left in my pocket at weeks end. I was of thinking streaming some small USF4 PC online tournaments every weekend with the first place prize being the money I saved that week on cigarettes. To enter I think I would maybe use one of those twitch streamer helpers and keywords to pick the players with a maximum of lets say 8 this time around because I doubt I would have a lot of entrants on my first stream. I’m also not sure whether or not to have 1 tournament with the whole prize pool or split it up into a few tournaments like each pack would be a tournament for a total of 4 each week. I don’t know it’s still in the early planning phase and I just thought it would be fun so any advice or suggestions you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

The reason I’m doing this tournament was because I first got interested in vaping after I saw an advertisement on another SF4 tournament so I thought I could give back to the community that may have saved my life with some fun quick tournaments. I’m not really interested in a big production tournament that takes a lot of time because that’s a bar of meter that I can’t afford to spend with all the hours that I work but I can definitely spend a few hours every weekend on it. Let me know your thoughts, do you think people will be interested? Maybe some interesting prizes like starter kit giveaways to people in chat if I can afford it that week? Thanks for reading and if you leave feedback thank you for that as well.

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I don’t think people would be interested on PC, half of the community is already split up cause you got on half on the official USF4 server, and the other half on the beta test server. Not to mention you got people like me, who pretty much quit the PC version and play on 360 (cough* and ps3 i guess) who won’t nothing to do with the PC version until they fix the net code. I just can’t picture you getting a crowd right now. When Ultra launched on PC there was definitely a crowd on endless and ranked, but the moment they saw how bad it was, well you know, what i said above.


Just try it and see if anyone’s interested.


Sounds like fun. I’d play, and possibly stream it for you.


I like free money


Better of waiting till the netcode patch goes live


Yeah all of that is pretty much spot on but I’m not trying to be the next Spooky or anything I just felt like giving away some money to the guys that never really get a chance to win any or even compete for that matter. I think I’ll spend about a week tweaking my stream setup so it will look good and run smooth and I’ll have the tournament next Saturday 9/13.

You gotta win first my friend :slight_smile:

That I can understand but if it goes reasonably well and I can at least get 4-8 people to play I’ll be doing more tournaments every week so eventually the patch would come out for one of them haha.

Thanks for the input guys I think I’m going to go ahead and do it. I will be streaming on and off throughout the week playing different games while I adjust my settings so if you guys want you can stop by. I don’t really want to be the guy that links his stream in a public forum for views or anything so if you want the link PM me and I’ll give it to you.