Cigars, Shotguns and The Finger: The Fraggin' LOBO Thread

LOBO, aka The Main Man, aka BadMotherFucker!
Interactive Character Type = Power

What are Lobo’s character type and his objectives?
Grappler, Rushdown, Zoner, etc?
A non traditional grappler, I would say. Set up and hard knockdown oriented. - ProudDisciple _ TYM
IMO he’s all about getting in your opponents face and making them guess. He can end all his combos with untechable knowckdowns (bf-3 or db-3) that leave them very close to you and allow him to mix up high/low. Once they get scared of pressing buttons on wakeup is when his throw comes in to play. He has a good mid range game but has no full screen options. He has a fantastic and safe high/low game that MUST be exploited. He’s definitely a character that completely relies on his Okizeme game. - chowdizzle - TYM

All Moves are Listed as if the Character is Facing Right
F = Forward
B = Back
U = Up
cr. = Crouching
j. = Jump
nj. = Neutral Jump (also known as Vertical Jump)
jip= Jump In Punch

Attack Buttons:
1 = Light Attack
2 = Medium Attaack
3 = Hard Attack
4 = Trait
IO = Interactive Object button (Macro = 1+2)
Th - Throw (Macro = 1+3)
MB = Meter Burn (Macro = 1+2+3)
SM = Super Move (Macro = 2+3+MB)
BC = Bounce Cancel (F,F + MB or B,B + MB)

~ or xx = Cancel
AA = Anti-Air
BnB = Bread and Butter

Low = A hit that hits your opponent low
High = A hit that hits your opponent high
Overhead = A hit that hits a crouching opponent, blocking or not

50/50 = A guessing situation where you or the opponent can go either low or high/overhead

1 = Violent Jab

(MB) Means move can be Meter Burned for One Bar.

Spin Cycle = D,B,1 (MB) *Holding B after MB will Slam the opponent behind Lobo
Pump Shot = D,F,1 (MB)
Mid Pump Shot = D,F,1,B (MB) *You must hit back as Lobo is pulling out his Shotgun but before he fires
Low Pump Shot = D,F,1, D (MB) *You must hit down as Lobo is pulling out his Shotgun but before he fires
Czarnian Toss = D,B,F,2 (MB)
Space Hook = D,B,2 (MB) *Holding B after MB will Slam the opponent behind Lobo
Low Space Hook = D,B,3 (MB)
Hook Charge = B,F,3 (MB)

Trait/Character Power
Character Trait = Lobo loads Nuclear Shells into his Shotgun, augmenting the power and effect of the next attack involving a blast from his firearm.

(The first string is 11, meaning hit 1 twice in a row, etc. B2 would mean hit Back+2 simultaneously. When a string requires you to input two buttons together following a 112 or B1 notation, it will be separated with a comma)
12, 1+3


  • Midscreen Combos -
    (Almost all of the combos can be done with the trait off for less damage)

Meterless combos:

Trait, 21, df1d (low Pump Shot), 21, db2 - 28% @ABACABB
b2u1, 113, db2 - 32% @ABACABB
(Trait) F3, B2U1, 12 1+3 - 32% (37% with trait) @Mills
(Trait) f3, b2u1, 113 xx df1 - 34% (39%) @WynterEnd
Trait, ji2, b2u1, 113, db2 - 40% @RisingPower84

Meter combos:

dbf2 MB, b3, ji2, f21 db3 - 36% @Pig Of The Hut
b2u1, 113, db2 MB - 37%
Trait, dbf2 MB, b3, ji3, 3, db2 - 38% @MashPotatoTower
b12, bb MB (Wallbounce Cancel), ji3, 21, bf3 - 39% @Cage Redfield
b2u1, 12 xx dbf2 MB, 12 1+3 - 40% @Insomnicide
12, dbf2 MB, b3, ji2, f21 db3 - 40% @Pig Of The Hut
Trait, b2u1, 12, dbf2 MB, 213 - 42% @Virgo Vertigo
ji3, dbf2 MB, ji2, f21 db3 - 43% @Pig Of The Hut
j3, 113, dbf2 MB, 21 xx bf2 - 44% @KamkaziChicila
b2u1, 113, dbf2 MB, db1 MB - 45% @The Mighty Yoch
b2u1, 12 xx dbf2 MB, b3, 21 xx db2 - 46% @OmegaK
ji2, 12 xx dbf2 MB, b3, f21 db3 MB - 47% @Pig Of The Hut
b2u1, 113, dbf2 MB, b3, jid3 (dive) - 47% @TheRFG
Trait, 113, dbf2 MB, b3, ji3, 21 xx db2 - 50% @staticjack
Trait, b2u1, 113, dbf2 MB, b3, ji2, d2 xx db2 - 51% @staticjack
Trait, ji2, b2u1, 113, dbf2 MB, 21 db2 - 50% @The Mighty Yoch
Trait, ji3, 11 xx dbf2 MB, b3, ji2, f213 - 50% @Danger317
b2u1, 3 xx dbf2 MB, b3, ji3, 21 xx db3 - 51% @TooMuchBob
ji2, b2u1, 113, dbf2 MB, db1 MB - 53% @TheMightyYoch
Trait, ji2, b2u1, 3 - dbf2 MB, b3, ji3, 21 - db3 MB - 60% @iw2ma

  • Corner Combos -

Meterless combos:

Trait, b2u1, 1, 113 df1d (low Pump Shot) - 35% @Flipitaru
Trait, j2, 21, df1d (low Pump Shot), 113, db2 - 35% @Adus
Trait, ji2, 113, 113, db2 - 40% @The Mighty Yoch

Meter combos:

Trait, 21 df1d (low Pump Shot), 113, dbf2 MB, f21 db3 - 40% @Mojo
ji2, 113, 113 xx df1 MB - 40% @WynterEnd
Trait, 21, df1d (low Pump Shot), 113, dbf2 MB, b2u1, db1 - 42% @GodsLonelyman
113, 113, dbf2 MB, b2u1, db1 - 45% @GodsLonelyman
b2u1, 1, 113, dbf2 MB, b2u1, db1 - 47% @FlipTaru

Something that came to mind when I first saw The Main Man’s Super:
CAUTION: Video Contains Controversial, LOBO-Quality Images. No disrespect to any organization is intended by OP.
If you’re offended, then Just…


Tomorrow = Prepare to be FRAGGED!!!


Move List, IO Type up and revving…
More On The Way…

Any of you FanBoys are more than Welcome to Contribute Accurate Data…

Czar. Toss is Cancellable from 113 string, but you must input the command before Lobo begins his animation for the 3 button.
You CAN execute the Czar. Toss after B2,U1 but the timing is strict and most likely can only be done just inside of sweep range if not a bit further from your opponent.

The flying cross chop can be performed low off the ground. I mean low like rufus divekick low.

Nice! More madness to have the whiners screaming for Lobo nerfs, which will be coming soon I bet.

B2 seems too slow. And I cannot get a B3 to work after a MB czar.

Edit: what’s his best anti air? I was opened up by a laggy batman doing constant crossups. Damn that was irritating.

db1 and 3. If you confirm AA with 3 then cancel second hit of it into bf2.

b3 works after EX dbf2, you just have to time it well. If it’s giving you trouble or you throw them into the corner do b2u1 113 xx bf3 instead.

btw Lobo gets unjumpable dbf2 after bf2, instant jd3 and EX db2.

Edit: bf3 not bf2 my bad lol.

BF2 doesn’t exist.

Spin Cycle is AA. Still experimenting with him.
The MB Czar is tough to get B3. The key for me was to execute the B3 as soon as he Czar animation finished and to try to hit the opponent (tested on Superman) as they fall from the MB Czar bounce. I tried mashing it, but that worked only worked once out of 10 tries.

@Dullyana - Do you mean BF3 instead of BF2?

Messed around a little, and right now I think Lobo might have one of the best B3’s to use after using a stage interactable. Case in point was in metropolis street on left corner. B2, U1, SI with APC gun, B3, and then continue with the combo.

Man this guy is fun, spent way to much time in training mode today.

If you want to style hard, try this one just for the lulz (3 meter combo of his b1 low for nearly 50%):

b1,2 xx df3 dash 1,1,3 xx dbf2 MB j.d3 trait

That thing is stylish as hell and the hard knockdown of j.d3 at the end gives you enough time to get a trait charge (I think) or wakeup mixups of your choice.

I can barely get j 2 out half the time because his jump seems so floaty. Maybe it’s just me.

Flying cross chop creates a super ambiguous cross up if done at the right time after a hard knock down. I literally saw Lobo I think make contact with like the opponent’s shin or something when they low poked and I beat them out in the middle of the stage. Timed right it is incredibly good. If he could combo after it Lobo would be near broken.

I made 2 combo vids for the main man

So…I haven’t really sat down and trained with Lobo at all yet. I jumped straight into matchmaking just to get a feel for him, break him in, ect. I’ve noticed that the timing for comboing into his specials is super strict. Like just trying to do 113, BF3 is a hassle and that’s probably the most braindead string he has. I have noticed, however, that switching from SF controls over to the MK controls has made the inputs come out a lot more easily and consistently. There was a post some guy made on the Facebook group that was pretty enlightening:

On another note, could someone explain the properties of the hitbox for his super? Because I am getting completely inconsistent results. At first I thought it could only land if they were on the ground, but I was playing a Hawkgirl yesterday and she got smacked by it in mid air, so now I’m confused.

Also what’s his go-to AA? S3?

I think the hit box is roughly Lobo’s height. I tried comboing a couple of times and it always worked if they were juggled at around even with his head or lower. Higher and usually it missed, but too low and they will hit the ground first.

Quick intractable combo vid on Wayne Manor just to give u guys some ideas. You can use f21 or 21 into intractable for 2% more damage, but neither of string is as consistent.

For now, S3 is the goto AA when Spin Cycle isn’t applicable. Timed correctly, B,F3 may also work. Also, as earlier stated by Solless, you can execute j. D+3 VERY early, so I still need to test whether this is effective as an AA.

I have noticed that after a successful j. D+3, if you land right next to your opponent you can get a free? throw on wake up. I’ve done it so many times, but I do believe you can tech it.
Decent mix-ups with Czar toss, Low Hook and Hook Charge (dbf2, db3, bf3). Add in low pump shot & string b2u1 and he’s got some good options, theoretically.

I know I need to work on my game, but heat Vision spamming, Aquaman (trident, ftd spam) and DS players are annoying. Need to try to figure out a way back in once I’m fullscreen knocked down. Also, don’t get into a “chain/spear” war with Batman; his grapple goes fullscreen where none of the hooks do. Rushdown Catwoman has been problematic. People have complained about Lobo’s damage output, but he’s a POWER character and his moves aren’t as fast/high-priority? as others in the cast. As ALWAYS, ANY constructive criticism is welcome.

AS for the Super, I’m still wondering myself. I have to recheck its hit levels and frames again. Not even sure you can combo into it practically.

Which reminds me, his divekick is absolutely absurd if timed correctly. I had a guy take out an entire bar of health from me just doing it over and over again. Crossups all fucking day.