Cimmission issue and refund!


Hello srk,
i need your help in an issue and i dont know if it’s the right place to talk about.
with a member we ve come to an agreement to create an art for his stick, a replica to be precise, he asked many changes and made a transfer after the 1st preview, been Laurent and agreed back and forward modifications, since he warned me that he will be going back and forward, after a couples days he turned the thing off and sad he no more wanna carry on, that i’m taking too long and and the result not the same he wanted after i did what he asked, and start telling me to refund if not he will make public, have no problem with that, but the way he acted and to threaten me made the whole thing complicated, witch leads me to ask him how much i should refund since he wasted my time. i have the log for the conversations.
any advice?


Yeah, handle this off the forums. This is none of our business and is between you and him.


Too bad the other guy made it public.