Cincinnati area gamers


Hey guys. Looking for more SF4 / GG / MvC2 players. We are located near Hamilton, OH. We have a handful of very skilled SF4 players as well as 3 good Guilty Gear players that are looking for more match ups. Also with the rumor of MvC2 being released we are picking that game up too. If you are interested in playing either of these games or want to bring another, please let me know (I own battle Fantasia but no one will play with me!). Skill level doesn’t really matter. We will teach you if you are willing to learn. The more local players are usually at my condo most every night playing, but people from further away usually come on weekends. Here is my contact info:

Name: Ian
Phone: 903-388-0445 (Text preferred)
Aim: HORSEtheIan


^Cinci thread. Get ready to post/recieve nothing but shoutouts though :clown: