Cincinnati/Chilitown/QueenCity/Porkopolis, OH. PowerUP your game in oh-ten!

New thread time.

Cincinnati has come back from it’s 90’s heyday of Time-Out and back out of obscurity in the FG community.

Gone is Time-Out, and TILT. Here to stay are most of the players from the said era and places, and a new venue; Arcade Legends.

Arcade Legends has cemented it’s self as an awesome place to get together, and an even better tournament venue. It has also helped the local scene get back together, and draw in others. Enough prasies cannot be sang.

Cincy is primarily divided 2D, and 3D with a few that play both.

List of Cincy players. If non-Cincy regulars want to be listed post your details, and they will be edited in. If you want your XBL/

Mike Sl - Sluch
Chase - The Red Cyclone
Brandon - Sould Bushido
Dave - ETG
Phil - DR4GO
Derrick - D. Legend
Zack - ailerus
Kodi - Sinow Beat
Luke - YetiGhettoSlang
Keith - neon geon
Kyle Gallagher
Kris - Krono
Darius Stewart
John - BlueNu
Chris G - Anime12478
Chad - Doppelganger3814
Damon - LordCocoIchi
Mike So - Tiberious
Voulkan - Steven
King Chadwick - Angelo
Tuna - Ryan
Jack G
MacArthur Blunts - Mac
Mow - Alex

Nice work on starting a new thread Diego. Cincy is definitely making its mark in the coming days. Let’s get more people in here and make some noise. BTW! Chris G. I believe is no longer active. Has anyone heard a peep from him?

Phil! Thanks for the DJ material. I started working on those juggles you sent. I even found a few of my own. I’m still more EWGF consistent on the right than the left. I don’t get that. Maybe I’ll get more out the more I get comfortable with DJ. I occasionally set the training dummy to block; and practice EWGFs on both sides.

I’m going to head over to work to look at my schedule. Hopefully they kept my Thursdays the same.




Nice new thread title, I remember going to Time-Out a loooongggg time ago over in Forest Fair Mall. I’ve been meaning to ask this oh Tekkenpedia(which really is the collective of you guys as you all know tons more about this game than I ever will), is EWGF just the name given to the notation of f,d,df like iSW is fff2+4 or are you actually talking about the move EWGF?

Hey guys! Don’t forget! Tekken Thursdays are going down at my place at 6PM this Thursday. Who from here will be coming? Call me, text me, post here, PM me. I would just like to know. Any extra setups would be appreciated since I’m anticipating more people this time. It starts at 6PM and will run until 10PM or so…

As always, If you don’t have my address or cell then GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTT AND ASK SOMEONE or PM me :cool:


EWGF stands for Electric Wind God Fist. Its the just frame version of the Mishima’s f,d,N,d/f+2

New thread is scary shit!


Im about to try out EVERY Single one of those.

The very first combo really caught my eye. I see that being used in matches. It took a few tries; but I was able to get it 60% of the time. Now here’s one that had me flustered. d/f+2, 2, dash 2, d/f+3,2~d/f, 1, ff+3,4,3. I can’t get the ff+3,4,3 to connect.


AH HA! figured it out! Anna combos.

OOOOOHHHHHHHH, so it’s the actual move then. That makes a lot more sense now. See that’s why I ask these things, so I don’t go out in public looking stupid when I play Tekken with you guys.

Its the difference between Kazyua just doing a dash uppercut and the “DOORUYYAA!” uppercut.

What about MWGB?!? ehh??
Krono knows!

Fucking MWGB. Shits broken as fuck.

Indeed! Bwaahahhahahah!

The ol’ hellsweepin’ Magic Wind God Bear eh?

Actually its,

The fuck…is going on in THIS thread? lol

Learning Alisa…tons of fun. That is all.

Im gonna try it out now …

Phil I also have a few 777 combos : ]

Tekken seems really fun to me, even though I’m a beginner. When/where does Cincy play Tekken?

The question is, when/where does Cincy [NOT] play Tekken?