Cincinnati officer indicted on killing of unarmed motorist.Pleads not guilty.Hmmm


So im sure most of you have come across this one. First some links. **I’m kinda torn on this one, because we know how people get when theyre running from the police. They dont drive off nicely, and stop at every stop light and stop sign. They plow through neighborhoods like maniacs. **

So basically the officer pulls him over, is pretty polite the whole time. Tells him why he pulled him over, and ask for his license. He says he doesnt have it, but he can run his name. In the midst of fiddling around for his license, he hands him a closed pint of gin, as the officer saw it on the floor, and asked him about it. He ask the officer why he pulled him over, and the officer tells him again. The officer ask for his license a couple more times, and ask him to be straight up with him if his license is suspended. The guy says he has a license, its just not on him, and he can run his name. Officer ask him to step out the car (still being fairly polite), the guy prevents the door from being opened while starting the car, and as soon as the officer heard the car start, he said stop and shot him in the head. The car rolled some yards, and crashed.

Body cam footage below

While the guy had a long non violent rap sheet (including having 13 kids. Irrelevant, but clearly this dude is an irresponsible clown), and was being weird, and uncooperative when asked to step out the vehicle, to immediately shoot someone in the head seems pretty wild. I understand what probably went through the officers head, which was hes starting the car to take off, hes in a residential neighborhood, hes not cooperating when i asked him to step out, has no license, just a pint of gin, hes going to hurt someone, and this is about to get ugly.

I think the officer will be found not guilty. The jury is going to see this guys rap sheet, him handing the officer a bottle of gin (closed or not), him being uncooperative to a nice officer, then him trying to possibly start his car and take off, and are easily going to not give a fuck about that guy.

Murder wont stick though. Might be too heavy of a charge considering the circumstances. Involuntary manslaughter at best.

He jumped the gun blasting him in the face. I wonder if he had a taser on him. I mean, i dont want this idiot speeding off and into traffic, killing someone, but damn.


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Ya come on Jimmy. Smarten up.

SRK isn’t big enough so that every black injustice event get’s it’s own thread.


Cliche, and boring response. If every black injustice event got its own thread, we’d see them all the time, and we dont. Its all in the cop thread, or the lounge. Dont be stupid, we usually always keep it contained, unless it may be something of interest to bring outside of those threads.

I just thought this one was interesting to spark debate because of the force used against a dude who was intending to speed off and start a chase.


I thought t was pretty stupid of him to open fire so fast.


I went to UC. Lived in Cincy for 7 years. It is extremely racist and the campus police officers there are on some other shit. In all honesty this is not surprising to me. Years ago I posted in the crazy stories thread (at the time I was known here as Psyfer). I even posted how I got rushed down a couple of times by the cops in Cincy. I literally was walking down the street next to a group of white students and I got picked out (obviously).


Sleight of Hand Pro like a motherfucker.

Waiting for the “I meant to pull my tazer, and grabbed my gun on accident” statement


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Gonna start the MvC2 Memorial tourney for his kids to compete in and keep his memory alive.


this guy still alive no evidence that he had die


Am actually ok with this killing now that I know he had 13 kids, this maniac clearly had to be stopped.


But now who will pay the child support?


The streets.


C’mon son you know the state was supporting his kids anyway.


I’m surprised the media hasn’t blown this up yet. The Montana shooting and Sacramento Kings female assist coach got more spotlight than this.


Cause it’s just another nigga dead.


i read this in my swedish newspaper yesterday. was genuinely disturbed by it.

"america needs to change its name to dumbfuckistan already"


There will be no debate.
Everyone thinks the guy is a fucking idiot and should be charged with murder.


are full of RAGE


I think because of his wrap sheet, the cop was being super polite before he blasted his face, and the fact that he seemed to be attempting to flee after being uncooperative, and handing the cop a pint of gin from off the floor. Public wont really sympathize with this guy

Its so interesting hearing racism stories from ohio often. Ive only ever been to toledo for a week a while ago, but i figured ohio to just be some normal, pseudo midwest state, with black people, and racism isnt a super hot topic there.


A little ironic that his name is Ray Tensing.