Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, and Northern Kentucky: I have the best Wesker!

this is my 2nd favorite vempire savior character for 100years


it’s dyne

Monty: You don’t convert damage. Commit to over d.lp and hit the cr.lp LINK so you can get a solid Knockdown. You can maintain offense w/ 8-jumps as well. this is good b/c you can still maintain a charge.

I like your command throw game and your IOH game.

Sorry Monty, it’s hard when I don’t see you every Thursday and I generally don’t go to Ranbats. =P Let’s have fun in ATL

Thanks for the heads up Kyle. I will work on implementing that strategy more into my offense.

This thread still exists? Barely, I see.

Kyle, I think I just need to practice defense 100 years.

Just kidding, I’ll give some things some thought. I have ideas, just need to implement them.

Also I giggled for many reasons at your perceived skill level separation.

I present to the rest of you all

I wish I didn’t have to study

While I am at it, still working on Keith’s Mark’s and mine.

Happy April Fools everyone.

Edit : also there is an edit button?

back to work

Yes some. Some other games that are popular that we play a lot are…

Tekken Tag 2

Hey guys, I’ll be in town on Saturday afternoon and was going to swing by Arcade Legacy for some old school CVS2 and a little 3S. I’ll bring a fresh can of paint, help me shake off the rust, haha

Oh damn there was no way I could make it -_-

Yeah, I’ll try and give a bit more of a heads up next time I’m in that neck of the woods.

Jesse, I really liked the arcade stick you had in the cabinet, made repeated DP motions easier in bison CC’s.

Glad to hear that. I’m going to put those in a few of my other cabs.

Rocket Punch 4 - [July 13, 2013] ROCKET PUNCH 4 at Arcade Legacy *Cincinnati, OH* HD EVO stream + tournaments

Hey Everyone,

I am in Cincy on a business trip and brought along my stick. Wanted to say hi before I stop on over to Arcade Legacy on Thursday night.

I am from the Detroit area and pretty active in the scene there. I play SF4 and Tekken mostly and dabble in KOF13, Marvel2 and 3, Skullgirls, and P4A. I also do stick mods and repairs for some of the Detroit members as well.

sorry dude, SRK is kinda dead for us cincy people. we have a FB group now. this one btw



daniel where you beeeeeeen mang, need to convince you to drive down to one of Jason wilson’s old school tournaments for Cvs2