Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, and Northern Kentucky: I have the best Wesker!

Luke & I will get (1) whole tank (on the way home). Errybody else splits what’s left. I’m not a money nazi… i would assume ~$10 a piece, just bring $150 and you should have enough for the weekend. Food, Gas, Hotel, Registration, Parking, etc.

Is it Thursday yet?

You may not be a money nazi, but you are quickly becoming a cookie nazi, and from there you can only ascend to the level of soup nazi. Be wary of the path you take, Kyle Wattula.

Just a reminder for the people who don’t check our respective facebook pages, I’ll be bringing my laptop, capture software and hard drive to this Thursday Fight Night. I am going to do a UMvC 3 set up, maybe at the front on a PS3 (for all you pad warriors) to capture combos for the Community Combo Video.

Bring your best stuff and I will capture as much as I can. Also my capture software is bootleg so we might not have game sound when we are capping unless it’s a HD T.V so be aware of that.

es beast cannon strats


I just need a sword, and for sasquatch strats I need pies. got it. where are my cookies

Old School Onslaught 5 announced! This will be the last event at the current AL location. Let’s make it the best one yet!

January 21st-22nd weekend is my event.
“Middle TN needs more Cincinnati”.
Open invitation for 6 peeps to join me for a weekend in Nashville.
Games all weekend, MINIMAL cost to the 6. Peeps willing to play KOF13, VSAV, UMVC# & other stuff.

Anyone is welcome to join, will relay this again closer to the date to allow conformations.

Jesse, I will be there LOADS in April, May & possibly June. XD

I could use a weekend out of this damn city. Just a few questions tho.

Why are you goin to Nashville in the first place?

When are you planning on leaving and returning?

And what is minimal cost? Like are we splitting a room or just gas and food and hookers and booze?

I’m in Kyle.

  1. To hang out w/ my friend Tad & the other Nashville FGC scene.
  2. Leaving Saturday 9-10am, returning Sunday evening 8-9pm~ish
  3. Minimal cost = Kyle covers Hotel & Gas b/c he’s going anyways =P

No official tournaments, just eating, drinking and playing fighting games all weekend.

The current venue is the hotel. If this thing grows, I will coordinate a larger space for games.

Ya that definitely sounds like something I wanna do. So uhh I guess I’m down too. I’m gonna bring the marvel pain to Tennessee!

early enough in the quarter that i don’t really have anything going on. KoF + vsav + maybe some sort of anime game. i’m going

don’t forget a car

Unsure if I’ll go. We’ll see.

Mark, that gif had the perfect comedic timing. I read “don’t forget a car” and then the car flies through the sky. If I were eating/drinking something, I would be either dead due to choking or it’d be on this keyboard/monitor.

Always remember to chew your furballs thoroughly and carefully, Zach.

Nashville FGC is pretty awesome. Would love to make it out there again!

Also the trip only takes about as long as 100 Chicken McNuggets

I know picking up MFS is usually my bidness, and its one I cherish greatly, but i have to work during xmas combat. With it being free and all I thought it would be a good time for him to come out. So is there anyone who could help him get to and from xmas combat. It’s rare that anyone gets to see where MFS lives, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

sorry to break up your NEC fun, but the Indianapolis scene has just announced it’s first ever two day event this coming February

now you better be there (so we can take your moneys)

Ha Indianapolis take our ‘moneys’ in what? Get those empty threats out of here.

Project justice tonight!!! Plus a special appearence by Hawkeye!

See eurybody later.

Christmas Combat is two weeks away. Don’t forget that if you buy raffle tickets in advance, you get free bonus tickets! Raise your chances to win some awesome stuff. So far I’ve got TWO brand new TE sticks (Chun-LI and Marvel 2), gift card to Best Buy, Visa gift card, Comic Con exclusive UMVC3 T-shirt, AL T-shirt, AL gift certificate and more coming. All the money goes toward getting the new AL up and running. That includes a bunch of new arcade games! If we reach the goal of $1000, I will custom make an insanely rad one-of-a-kind SuperGun! You DO NOT have to be in attendance to win. You can win multiple prizes (but not both sticks), so the more tickets the more swag you could take home. You can even buy raffle tickets over the phone or by paypal if you can’t make it into the arcade.

Project Justice tonight! The first ever AL Thursday night stream tonight!

I got a second ASUS evo monitor. That’s nice.