Cincinnati, SFV Double Elimination 64 player limit


July 17th sign ups at 1:30pm, fights start at 2pm, SFV and SFA3 freeplay at 12:30pm

This will be an open event with no handicap, just a straight up double elimination tournament on 2 PS4’s, only the best will prevail! Will take place at the lower picnic shelter of Dulle Park in Montgomery - north Cincinnati.

Street Fighter V will be open to play an hour before event (12:30) for participants.
We will also have Street Fighter Alpha 3 on PS2 open for everyone to play during the entire event.

This tournament will pay out 1st and 2nd up to 16 player field 60%/40%, 3rd will get entry back at 17-22 players, 23+ player field pays 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 50%/30%/20%

This event will not have food or drink available to the public, the park is equipped with water fountains and a grill or two but feel free to bring what you need to have a good time, maybe in the future we may get a vending license but for now its “bring your own food and drink”.


These are going to be monthly right? What day of the month are you planning? I’m going to stick it on for now as monthly on the 3rd sunday. hit me up @fgccal or here.


Yes the third sunday of the month until October or November. Thanks, if you can share the facebook event too on your timeline and join the group that may help fill the field :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting there for the event, looks like a nice web site :slight_smile:


I have discontinued this tourney, for this year, please join the facebook group for next years invitations and updates. thanks