Cinderslam, Mississippi Hottest Tournament June 26, 2010

Name of this event:


Date of event:

June 26, 2010

Place of event:

Holiday Inn
495 Springridge road
clinton, ms 39056

Contact information
Phone: 601-951-4229

This event is being held by 32 Bit Dreams Entertainment!!! Its about to go down again in MISSISSIPPI(as my friends from the A would say) Shawty!!!

Hello my people, what’s really good. I am here to present once again another major tournament being held within Mississippi and the on growing southeast tournaments. I and my good friends over at 32 Bit Dreams Entertainment want to help put our home state on the map. With Super Street Fighter 4 being the hottest game on the scene its bound to go down once again to help heat up/CINDER this summer. We here in our state are reaching out to show/prove to everyone one that we have some Elite players and want to prove it to you all with another tourney. We’ve played some of the best players around online but there’s nothing like up close competiton in your face and yes we’re gonna bring it to you. Last year’s 1st attempt at my 1st thrown tourney was a success and this time around its going to be bigger and better. Our community here in Mississippi has grown since then and is getting bigger by the moment. So I’m asking all to come out to help support the scence and get mopped across the floor by some of the elite here in the state lol. All games will be played on the PS3 system and the games played will be:

  1. Super Street Fighter 4
  2. Tekken 6
  3. Marvel vs Capcom 2

There will be an registration fee of $10, doors will open at 10:30 a.m. to begin registration. Super Street Fighter 4 game entry fee will be $10, MvC2 fee will be $10, and Tekken 6 entry fee will be $10. Also the winner of SSF4 will win a homemade custom arcade sticks with HAPPS parts. Seeing that its one of the biggest fighting games we want to throw something every into the pot for the winner.:rock:

All GAMES are Double Elim.–Best 2 out of 3. All FINALS will be an Best 3 out of 5 Bout!!! I’m asking of YOU ALL to please, please behave yourself in an adult manner, I would hate for a person to mess up things or get kicked out of this tournament. So please I ask that you leave all the BULLSHIT AT HOME!!! Of course you all know that this will also be an B.Y.O.C.( if you don’t know what that is it means bring your own controllers people) for the games that you plan on playing on the home consoles. I ask that you make sure that your controllers/ arcade sticks are working perfectly so that you don’t have to run around asking of boring other people’s things.Winners must keep the same character(or team) and losers will have the chance to change their characters(or team).Payouts are standard tournament pay which is:
1st place: 70%
2nd place: 20%
3rd place: 10%

If you are playing in multiple games you need to notify a organizer when you are about to play in another game, so they can skip your match on the brackets and come back to you after you completed the other tournament match.

Also once the tournament starts you are responsible for knowing when your next match will come up. If you have to go for a food (hopefully I’ll have some food there for everyone) or bathroom break, then “PLEASE” notify the judge at your station or that you will be gone for a few minutes. The judge should be able to tell you when your next game will be and how long you have before your next match up. Act like you have been to a tournament before people and everything will run smoothly.

To whomever is going to bring a tv+system I WILL PAY for your badge! You can never have too many tv’s+systems at a console tournament! Make sure they aren’t TV’s with lag. You maybe use to playing on them, but if they have lag I can’t use them due to everyone will complain playing on them! We will test them out before we give you the badge. Also they must be at least a 19" tv with system and game to qualify for a badge. Let’s kick this new series off with a bang! I hope to see everyone there and make this a huge success. Lets do this!!!

I am asking to everyone that plans to attend this event to get there as early as you can so we can start the event on time. I am also asking for people to have change and not bring huge dollar bills so that we can move things along more accurately. Only a lil over a month away people, I hope to see alot of people there.

I will be at this motherfucker and I expect the best of the best to come own my ass in Marvel.

I’m also going to be the one building the arcade stick we’re going to throw in the pot for SSFIV. It’ll be a 6-button curved layout with happs controls painted to whatever color I decide on in the coming weeks lol.

Yep, I don’t even have to think about it. I’ll definitely be there. I’ll also bring an evo monitor, a PS3, and copies of Super and Tekken.

Definitely gonna make this as my last tourney before Evo, barring unforeseen problems.

Protip: You should really consider extending the thread title with some dates and some locations and shit.

Vice, you’re right. Rod doesn’t have access to internet from his house so I’ll let him know to change the thread title ASAP.

Glad to see you guys coming… Duckie, that means a lot that you can bring all that shit. I think we’re trying to set up 6 or 7 stations at least. I estimate we’ll need the majority of the setups for SSFIV. I’m almost certain Tekken and MvC2 can all be done on 1 setup each, but we’ll see.

The venue we rented seems really nice though. It’s completely unlike the last tournament… it’s in a really nice location and it’s right by food places and stuff. Also directly off the interstate, which is going to be really helpful to people.

I’m going to try and get the people I’ve met from the online low tier marvel tournaments to come if they live somewhat close. I know at least one or two of them are from the south, so we’ll see.

I’m sorry to you both that I can’t attend your tournaments… maybe in the future I’ll be able to travel more.

If anyone needs to borrow my arcade stick for this thing let me know… since not everyone uses PS3. I use happ parts though in case that’s an issue.

I’m going to try and make it. The wife is scheduled for delivery next week, so it may be asking a lot to get a day away for the tournament :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see you guys there, hope we can get some people from the surrounding states to come. Spread the word people!!!

Them’s fightin’ words.

Rod’s just trying to tell us indirectly that there’s no AC at the venue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, my availability for this is now up in the air, as I kinda lost my job the other day. I’ll do what I can to make it, though.

Hey man, I was wondering, since all games will be played on PS3, could I borrow someones stick? Because I only play on 360. I will be there though…so sign me up

Im with PS3 killa here. All I play is xbox and I would appreciate it if I could use a sanwa/sem. stick of someones? Anyone out there?

No problem man, I think most locals that play on fight sticks use happs but there maybe some with the japanese sticks.

Awesome, im going to be there for sure. First I need to figure how to get to Clinton from Greenwood. :razzy:

It’s easy to get to Clinton… and the venue this time is especially nice. It’s the banquet room at a brand new holiday inn.

We’ll get all that straight when it’s closer to tournament time.

Anyone can borrow sticks from me but I don’t use that shit-ass japanese shit, so you’ll have to be okay with happs parts.

Also, we’re thinking of upping the entry fee to $10 for every game just to make the pots bigger. If everyone is okay with that. So it’d be $10 entry and $10 per game… Remember though, the SSFIV winner will get the prize money AND a custom built arcade stick made by me(which I generally sell for around $140 or so). Hope a lot of people come to this. My entry into the tournament is just making the pot bigger, because there is no way I’m going to win the SSFIV tournament.

I hope everyone plays Marvel though, since it’s the best fighting game ever.

Really looking forward to this, seeing as how it will be my first tournament.

Yeah I’ll make this if possible. I usually bring 2 other people that will enter as well.

Can we get an in the works list of entrants going on the OP? A general headcount so that people will get a good understanding of what the pots are like usually attracts more people :smiley:

If it’s close to the attendance of last year’s Red September, there’ll be 25 people easy.

That said, we figured out Saturday that I’m not a great attendance predictor. >.>

This time there will be more than that. We have a lot of locals that are going to come. Over 25 guys locally have said they would come, so if I cut that number in half assuming some people don’t show that is still a good amount of people including everyone else.

I know about 5 guys from Texas are coming. Hopefully the Memphis guys can show up. Everyone from MS hopefully will attend also.

I predict it to be easily more than 25 people.

Just come down I-55 south to I-220 south, then take the I-20 west exit and following it to clinton, once you get to the clinton exit take the 1st one which is the springridge road exit and then a left at the light. The holiday inn should be maybe 1/4 a mile on the left right across the street from texaco, hope to see you there.

From the looks of how things are going with the phone calls/ emails/ facebook interest I would say at the moment at least 30 people so far but the number can grow from here til the actual date. Hope you make it as well man cause I wanna play you in a money match let alone meet up with you near the finals. To all others who plan to attend I will money match anyone in the tourney for $10 3 out of 5 matches, let the madness begin!!!