Cinderslam Results

Man, Cinderslam was off the chain people. I must say that it was an Huge success just as Red September was and each tourney here for us in Mississippi will just keep getting better and better. We had an HUGE turnout for SSF4 and a good one for Marvel vs Capcom 2 as well as Tekken 6. I would like to say Congrats to all the top winners Jacob(from the N.O.), Big Nicholas(from Jackson, Ms) and Ido(David from MS) for being all the winners in each games. I also want to thank everyone that showed up this past Saturday to help our growing scene. And a Special Thanks to the guys who drove all the way from Arkansas, New Orleans, and all across the Great State of Mississippi to take part in the Tourney as well as the 32 Bit Dreams team for putting on a Successful Tournament. Now that it has been said here are your winners in each game people.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 top 3:

  1. David Ido Farve (MS Player)
  2. Cedric Magnetoman Washington(MS Player)
  3. Todd Duncan(MS Player)

Tekken 6:

  1. Nicholas Levy (MS Player)
  2. Ken Rogers (MS Player)
  3. Brian Firestorm Smith(MS Player)


  1. Jacob Davis (New Orleans Player)
  2. WootSick (MS Player)
  3. Mark White (Arkansas Player)
  4. EC (MS Player)
  5. K yoji24 (MS Player)
  6. Brice Hendricks (MS Player)
  7. Curtis Clark (MS Player)
  8. Fred Hill (MS Player)
  9. NastyBisonUser(MS Player)
  10. Cedric Washinton(MS Player)

Man there were some very intense matches there at the tourney, Especially in SSF4. The Battle of the Bison’s (WootSick vs Jacob), the battle for 4 place which took place between EC and Myself, the Intense heat of Mark White’s Cammy as he ran threw everyone in the Losers Bracket to make his way up to 3rd place overall and the list goes on people. I wished more people could had made it out but you all still have time to get ready for our next tournament which is Red September 2!!!

Here are a few pictures of the tourney, more to come:

Imageshack - cinderslamcrew.jpg - Uploaded by KYOJI243

Imageshack - bisonvsbison.jpg - Uploaded by KYOJI243

Imageshack - cinderslamsignups.jpg - Uploaded by KYOJI243

Imageshack - ssf4top3.jpg - Uploaded by KYOJI243

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Imageshack - cinderslamcrew2.jpg - Uploaded by KYOJI243

Too bad we didn’t go to IHOP afterward. I would have money matched bitches in Cockroach killing.

Random Shoutouts

Pwnag3: For putting up with my cigars for five hours

Kyoji: For running a great tournament. Little slower than RS1, but I had a blast nonetheless.

Ido: For just kicking ass in general. I swear to god I thought you were black, though. It’s SRK syndrome.

Hitman and Preacher: You know who you are.

Jailbait: It’s what’s for dinner.

NBU: I watched some of those matches, you deserved higher than 9th. Damn good show.

Jacob & Brad: Good shit, see you both next week!

People who bind throws to buttons in Tekken: Eat my ass.

EC: Good seeing you again. Sorry I didn’t recognize you right off!

Mark/Raucus: Thanks for goofing off with me after the tournament. As a former Cammy main, your shit is beast. I got absolutely destroyed.

PS: Rod, is there any chance of putting up the full results? You can make it easier by running it through Tio Tournament Organizer (it’s free).

Duck if you ever run through Jackson/Clinton soon hit me up. I really wanna try your seimetsu fightstick on marvel. We talked about it for a bit but I never got to try it.


jakob: As I said before your Bison is a beast, definantly best bipson I’ve played by far.

Duckie: You pick GIEF when bryce almost beats Majin’s GIEF with GIEF? I keep urging him to stay Gief untill he finishes his viper up, once he gets that viper going though, you’ll probably see a new podium placer.

Mark White: Your Cammy has cammy fundamentals, ok mixup, and zoning. But what kills you is that you’re predicatible with your jump-ins (hence Bison Ultra I). Work on getting in without relying on cammy spike and you will go far.

Kyoji: Great tournament, I hope this gives everyone an idea of what SF life is like outside of Jackson, we run shit hard :D.

GGs to everyone I played. You guys ran a great tournament. It was great to finally get some offline matches in after a month of playing just online. I’ll definitely be back for the September tournament, and hopefully I can get some other Arkansas players to come down as well.

I want to invite all of you to come up to Conway, AR for ARK II on July 31st. We had a great turnout at our last event in March, and we want this one to be even bigger! I know it’ll be quite the drive for some of you, but I can guarantee it’ll be worth it. More details at our event listing on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=138577756154198

Oh trust me, I know. It used to be even worse of a problem than it is now. I still use Cannon Strike as a crutch way too much. It works well against people who don’t expect it… not so much against people who know the matchup. Plus I have little to no experience fighting Bison outside of online. I think that showed by how many times I got hit by shit like crossup PC. :lol Getting wrecked by two good Bison players woke me up; it’s definitely a matchup I’ve got to put some work into learning.

Truthfully, I was just goofing off. I’m not trying to sound like I went in with a defeated mentality, but after the first match I knew I couldn’t do much against his Cammy with my Ibuki, so I tried to mess with Bryce a little bit by picking his old main since he was using my old main. Almost worked, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, will do. It probably won’t be until sometime around September, though.

Shoutouts to duckie for those badass shrimp and grits dude…and the tourney was awesome…i got destroyed but i now my weaknesses now so it was a good learning experience…

Results thread better late than never lol. 2 tournaments in less than 24 hours = exhausting, but I had a lot of fun meeting new people. All of you guys (and gals LOLs at Duckie) where really cool to be around. Quick shoutouts

W00t: Really solid Bison, easily up there was some of the best in the nation. I envy how calm and collected you are while you play 0_x Keep up the good work. :tup:

Mark: Cammy actually has a slight advantage over Bison IMO (TKCS pressure mixed with throws/counter hit baits and cannon spike tracks DR and HS) also autocorrect cannon spike stuffs crossup PC. You just seemed really anxious to press buttons when you where being pressured and you ended up being stuck trying to footsie him (Bison dominates her in that department). Try to not let Bison get in that pressure range while tricking him into falling into your own. This can be a pretty aggressive matchup for both characters.

Duckie: You look like a top player until you play someone who blocks. :lol:

Bryce: Solid Gief, probably just need more experience against good players. Learn kara greed hand or Blanka will own your soul lol.

EC: Good Blanka, practice teching that’s your biggest weakness IMO.

Playa F: OMG never expected to run into you at a tournament! Tell the OG HF crew I said whats up and KJ to come back to New Orleans so I can fight that monster of a Sagat!

Vice: Just because Vice is awesome!

Kyoji: GS thanks for hosing, but next time please try to get some more setups. 3 setups + 1 of them being totally unplayable = blah. But other than that good stuff.

and everyone else that’s name I probably don’t remember. Hope to see a lot of ya’ll at BFTS2 on August 9th!

Man…I hate so bad I had to bail. My dad got a call from my mom and some personal issues had come up. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while though.

Heh, I got fourth? So close! GGs to all. Very well run tournament. Yeah, my ineptitude at teching was a bit alarming. And in retrospect, not going on offense when Blanka has no other option. I def need to start playing offline more. And practicing my DJ instead of mediocre Gouken. And getting my sticks fixed. And entering Tekken despite being rusty lol.

See y’all at the next one!