Circle or Square?


The last good stick I’ve had that I liked was my old SNES Advantage stick. It pulled off all the moves I wanted with ease back in the days of the SNES and it’s fighters and then as the industry moved on the Playstation systems I haven’t found a stick I’ve liked.

I currently have an ASCII Stick FT2 and it has an octagonal gate on it and I can’t pull off fireballs consistently for the life of me on it and it drives me up a wall no matter how much I practice on it. So I’m wondering if a squre or circle gate will be better suited to me. I’m looking for a gate that has a similar feel to my old SNES Advantage stick. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Wow and wow.


I’m guessing that it’s probably not the stick, but you’re just having trouble getting used to qcf motions. I don’t know much about the sticks you mentioned though.


i kno what u mean. i never had problems wit fireballs, but sometimes when i try to link certain moves, it’ll be hard to perform. i had this problem moreso with the square gates that are widely used in japan. i think it’s just gettin used to it and not pressing the buttons as well as moving the stick as hard, cuz the keys and stick are lighter/responsive wit the sanwa-like arcade sticks.