Circuit/Progressive point tracking system

I’m trying to arrange a tournament ATM. I currently have most of the specifics down, (And I will post here with the date and location as soon as everything is good to go) There’s just 1 relatively big thing I’m considering.

I’d like to have some sort of progressive point system throughout the tournaments. I don’t know what something like this is usually called, but the best way I can word it is like this.

X player enters tournament, starts with 100 points.
Y player enters tournament, starts with 100 as well

X player beats Y player, X gains 2 points and Y loses 1.
I’m doing this for a few reasons, Primarily so over the course of multiple tournaments I can properly do the brackets so the whole tourney isn’t decided in the first round, I’m also hoping it will keep people coming back to try to boost their points up.

The issue I’m having is I want to make it more than just 2/win 1/loss. I was thinking about a chart like this

Standard win (No matter how many rounds you win by, etc.) = 2 points
For every round you finish with a super, you gain an additional point.
For every round you get a perfect, you gain an additional point.
With those parameters the maximum amount of points you could gain from one match would be 8. (Though I’m thinking if someone does that, just giving them 10.
Now, Do you guys think this is a good idea? Or should it just be win/loss based?
Lastly, I’m considering this as well, For every 10 points somebody is ahead of you, you gain an additional point if you beat them (So you can still climb the ladder if you weren’t there from the start.)

Suggestions or opinions on this, anyone?