Circumstances for Throwing

Hey there, folks.

New SSF2T player here, and I’m actively trying to figure out this game. One of my curiousities as of now is what situations allow for a character to be thrown. In Third Strike, except for some unique throws, one cannot be grabbed while either in Block Stun or Hit Stun. However, I’m not positive I can say the same for Super Turbo.

I’ve been watching some tutorial videos which showed off some cruel throw setups, such as Honda’s c.lp, Ochi Throw. It seems as though a victim doesn’t even have time to jump between the blocked c.lp and the grab. Is this because the grab would come out faster than it takes for the character to switch from “stand” to “air-born” status? Would the setup still work if the c.lp hit?

Tick-throws seem to be such a powerful option in this game, so I’d appreciate any and all elaboration on throw-mechanics.

This may also be a good topic to expand on within the Wiki, as it only describes the frame data and mechanics of Throw Softening / Teching.

EDIT: My bad, Wiki does go into the topic more intricately than I thought with “Reversing Tick Throws”. However, the details on Hit-Stun and Block-Stun are still puzzling for me.

Also, if every character has a reversal which he / she can use in that one frame between the the attack and the grab, what’s to stop the player from using it? Is it the threat that the opponent may block after the attack and not grab?

Yes throwing in ST is much more powerfull then any any newer game. The reason beaing is that the prejump frames are throwable. So you must either do a reversal thorw or a move that is invincable.

In this vid you can see how Guile can get out of Gief’s SPD. This goes for all tick thorws.


… Alrighty, that video combined with the Wiki pretty much answered all of my questions on the topic. You guys are amazing; thank you so much!

scuttles off to the Cammy topic